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Acopian Power Supplies - Circuit Enclosure Boxes

You can now package your own circuits in the same rugged casework used for Acopian Power Supplies... (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - 1U Switching Regulated Power Supplies (to 720W)

The 1U family of programmable AC-DC power supplies sets a new standard for flexible and reliable power for your application. Available in a Rack Mounting or Benchtop at 720W power levels with single output voltages ranging from 3.3 to 135V and current capabilities up to 70A. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - High Voltage AC-DC Modular Regulated

These modular High Voltage supplies may be used as constant voltage or constant current sources. They may be remotely programmed by means of either voltage or resistance, and have provisions for remote monitoring and output inhibiting. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - Programmable 1U Power Supplies Up To 750 Watts

Acopian's family of programmable AC-DC power supplies feature wide-adjust output voltages from 0V-5V to 0-135V and current capabilities up to 70A, the 1U format single output voltage power supplies offer 750W of output power. These rack and benchtop modules notably provide high power density, low ripple and a user-friendly front panel. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - Custom Power Supplies To Meet All Your Needs

Acopian Power Supplies - Build your own Power System online with the new System Builder. Simply enter your requirements and the system produces fully wired multiple-output power systems without mechanical layouts, purchase requisitions or searching through a power supply catalog. Shipped within 9 days after receipt of the order. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - AC-DC & DC-DC Power Supplies - Shipped in 3 DAYS

Acopian manufactures millions of reliable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies that are shipped within 3 days. Programmable, Switching, Linear, Rack Mount, Wall Mount, DIN Rail Mount, Redundant Systems, High Voltage & Custom Power Supplies. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies -  Programmable DC Power Supply

Operates as constant-current or constant-voltage supply (with monitor outputs), a family of 720-W ac/dc power supplies is available in versions with fixed outputs from 3.3 to 135 Vdc or adjustable outputs from 0 to 135 Vdc. Features of the 1U-high PFC devices include soft-start, inhibit, Vout-OK, internal EMI filtering and RFI shielding, and optional n+1 and parallel operat... (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - DC Power Supplies - Shipped in 3 days!

Acopian Power Supplies - Operating on AC or DC, our power supplies provide up to 1200 watts of well regulated DC and range between 0v to 30kV. Shipped within 3 days! (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies -  Linear Power Supply - Voltage programmable

Acopian Power Supplies models may be programmed through their voltage ranges by means of external resistance. Models with adjustable current limiting have a constant-voltage/constant-current crossover characteristic, and so may be used as current regulated power supplies.

Voltage programmable using resistance. (read more)

Acopian Power Supplies - Linear Power Supplies - 3 Day Shipping

Acopian Power Supply Linear power supplies offer unusually high performance - many models have regulation of better than +/-0.005% and output ripple less than 0.25 mV. (read more)

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1U Switching Regulated Switching Power Supplies (to 720 watts)


AC-DC (to 150 watts) Single Output & Wide Adjust Output Five Year Warranty


Acopian’s new 720 watt power supplies have features not available on most general purpose supplies. All models can be used to provide either a constant voltage or a constant current.


Easton, PA – January 10, 2009 – Output ranges from 0-6 to 0-100 Vdc, rated to 270 watts, are provided by Acopian’s Series Y programmable power supplies. All models come with a full 5-year warranty.


Acopian Power Supplies’ EB family of encapsulated modules have series regulated outputs ranging from 1V to 75V and as high as 2.5A. Their footprint is only 3.5 x 2.5 inches. All models are UL recognized.


Acopian's Narrow Profile series of single-output DC/DC supplies, available in over 150 model that provide from 3.3 to 125 volts, delivers up to 288 watts for applications where other supplies won't fit.