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Lowell Corporation has promoted these products / services:

Lowell Corporation - Single End Triple Square Impact Socket

Lowell Corporation has been supplying the highest quality tools and equipment since 1869. the new Single End Triple Square Impact Socket can be used with any impact wrench to install or tighten utility pole hardware. You can easily change from the 3/4” square to the 1” and 1-1/8” square utilizing the locking slide cam. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Debuts New QC Optical Measurement Machine

Lowell Corporation prioritizes the integration of cutting-edge technologies into their manufacturing processes. Lowell’s dedicated quality control team relies on the precision of the Quick Vision Elf machine by Mitutoyo to guarantee dimensional accuracy in both prototypes and final products. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - New 6 in one ratcheting lineman's wrenches

Three new 6 in one ratcheting lineman's wrenches from Lowell Corporation give high line utility workers multiple options in a single tool for greater flexibility when tackling a variety of common pole fasteners, lag bolts, and clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box gear at the other. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Announces New Laser Customizations

With its new Keyence 3-Axis Hybrid Laser Marker machine, Lowell Corporation can take markings and identifications to the next level. Implementing a Laser Marker machine into Lowell’s production process allows the company to offer a variety of marking types as an add-on service for its clients. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Brings Specialized Tools to Utility Expo

Lowell Corporation has confirmed its attendance at The Utility Expo this fall. The Utility Expo occurs in Louisville, Kentucky, from September 26th through the 28th. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - What Tools Should Transmission Lineman Carry?

The U.S.’s electrical grid includes about 200,000 miles of high voltage (over 230 kilovolts) power lines. The transmission linemen who maintain this grid help to keep the country’s lights on. Keep reading our list of essential tools for more information on best installing and repairing these lines. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - What Is Highline Work? - Lowell Corporation

Have you ever wondered how linemen work on high-power transmission lines and keep our contemporary wired world working? It isn’t easy to maintain and repair telecommunications lines and cable lines. Highline work involves a complex process and immense hard work of the dedicated people working on it.

Let’s discover what it takes for linemen to keep the American electric... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - What Does an Original Equipment Manufacturer Do?

Learn about the crucial role of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the manufacturing industry. Discover what OEM companies do, the benefits of working with an effective OEM, and how they can provide essential components and expertise to produce high-quality finished goods. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - How to Use a Socket Wrench - Lowell Corporation

A socket wrench is a specific kind of wrench used to turn fasteners and has a socket on one end. This tool is also called a ratchet wrench. It’s a handheld piece of equipment with a ratcheting system fitted to the handle. The handle allows you to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts by pushing or pulling the handle. The socket typically attaches around the fastener. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - The Real Cost of Major Storms For Utility Workers

Utility companies always try to update their utility equipment to avoid significant outages during inclement weather. But have they done enough? Between hurricanes, droughts, blizzards, and wildfires, power linemen are at the forefront of responding to natural disasters. Read more about how Lowell Corporation helps linemen in this update. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - How to Use a Valve Wrench - Lowell Corporation

A valve wrench is a versatile tool for various household or industrial applications. It is one of the most common pipeline tools in a toolset. Read this article to learn how to use a valve wrench for various valves. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - A Partnership To Be Proud Of: J.L. Matthews

Lowell Corporation is honored to be chosen as J.L. Matthews’ Featured Partner! At Lowell Corporation we never underestimate the strength of an enthusiastic relationship between a manufacturer and their distributors. We enjoy working closely with our distributors to maintain transparency and strengthen our distributors’ knowledge and expertise on behalf of our products. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - A Wrench Designed Specifically for Tight Spaces

Lowell’s 101 XRS Pad Mount Transformer Wrench is designed to make your tightest and toughest jobs easier! The 101 XRS makes it easier for utility workers to open the 5-point pentagon security nuts and adjust the 3/4" hexagon tie-down nuts used on pad mount transformers. This tool offers a number of convenience and safety features. The 101 XRS is the best tool to have for tight spac... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell’s Legacy of Women in the Industry

Lowell Corporation boasts a decade’s long legacy to empowering women in industry. Lowell has long recognized that women are a powerful asset to a historically male-dominated industry. For decades, Lowell Corporation has thrived under the leadership of many women, starting with Mrs. Anne Greene. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Quad Square Wrench Keeps Linemen Safe

Lowell’s 8D-QS Quad Square Lineman’s Wrench packs several features to make work easier and safer for high-line workers.

Weighing only 1-3/8 lb. and only 13″ long, the Quad Square can easily carry up a pole on a tool-belt. It’s well balanced for easy and safe prolonged use. Its 200 lb-ft of torque delivers serious turning power. Low profile steel sockets wit... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - What Are the Best Lowell Pipeline Tools?

Lowell pipeline tools have innovative features like Bolt-Thru configuration and multi-angle flexible handles. With these tools, there is no hassle while completing tasks. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Top 5 Advantages of American Manufacturing

The resurgence of American manufacturing has been gaining more and more traction over the years. Everybody strives to bring back this significant part of our economy, from businesses to policymakers. Despite getting bogged down by intense global competition, American manufacturing still holds immense value in our economy. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - A Historic Partnership: Linemen’s Supply & Lowell

With a history dating back decades, Linemen’s Supply and Lowell Corporation have worked together to fuel each other’s mutual growth throughout the years. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Red, White & Blue Series

Featuring our 100TDE, 8D and 151T wrenches. Make your toughest jobs easier with our new Red, White & Blue series wrenches! This series boasts 200lb-ft torque capacity, a fabricated steel handle, features an ergonomic handle grip and fits in most common holsters. Tightening nuts on long bolts or all-thread rod is never a problem with Lowell’s “Bolt-Thru” feature. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lightweight Aluminum Strap Wrench

Lowell Corporation has updated four lightweight aluminum models to its strap wrench line. Designed for use in industrial, construction, and utility applications, the tools make it possible to turn any shape without scratching, denting, or crushing.

Industrial and construction uses include loosening and tightening oddly-shaped and frozen fittings, machine and vehicle oil filters, s... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Double Socket Wrench Accesses Nuts in Tight Spots

With its reversible, articulating head and slim profile design, Lowell’s Model 8E 2-in-1 double socket wrench lets workers quickly access nuts in tight spots. Two hex socket size combos are available: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/16″ and 1-1/8″ x 15/16.” Their 12-point design makes it easier to engage the four most common nut sizes in everyday pipeline and construction work. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Dual End Wrench - Flexible and Reliable

The featured ratchet dual-end wrench from Lowell Corporation gives high line utility workers multiple options in a single tool for greater flexibility. These premium dual-end wrenches make tough jobs easier, whether tackling various common pole fasteners, lag bolts, or C clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box at the other. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Simplify Your OEM Design with Custom Crank Handles

Lowell Corp ratcheting crank handles simplify your industrial OEM design.
Designed primarily for permanent mounting on shafts or studs, our cranks are far less likely to slip, stick, or freeze than other devices. We use stamped steel handle plates and solid steel gears, and we coat our cranks with corrosion-resistant epoxy paint.
There's no doubt that our crank... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Making Tough Jobs Easier Since 1869

Founded in 1869 as the Lowell wrench company, we have been a leading innovator in the field of ratchet technology. Offering a wide array of standard and custom designed tools for industrial, utility and military applications, our 100% made in the U.S.A. tools provide for years of trouble free service.

On most manual jobs and machine operation, there are turning points betwe... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Corporation Heavy-Duty 8C 4-in-1 Wrench

Our latest upgrade to the popular 8C 4-in-1 wrench helps pipeline and waterworks construction workers withstand the toughest jobs. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell 8EDouble Socket Wrench Accesses Tight Spots

With its reversible, articulating head and slim profile design, Lowell’s Model 8E 2-in-1 double socket wrench lets workers quickly access nuts in tight spots. Two hex socket size combos are available: 1-1/4″ x 1-1/16″ and 1-1/8″ x 15/16.” (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell DoubleShot Plus Ratchet Wrench

Lowell has added the 8D DoubleShot PLUS wrench to its line of DoubleShot wrenches which combine two wrenches in one for rugged duty in pipeline, construction, utility, and maintenance work. Specific applications include mechanical joints, restraints, repair clamps, service saddles, flange bolts, friction clamps, hydrant break flanges, and gas/water industry couplings. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratcheting Crank Handles Fast Easy Machine Control

Ratcheting Crank Handles from Lowell Corporation offer an attractive alternative to handwheels and similar devices for set-up and adjustment of packaging, converting, and printing machinery. Applications include corrugating rollers, die cutters, doctor blades, slitters, unwinds, and rewinds. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Corp Mechanical Ratchet Clutches

The Lowell Series 700 self-contained reversible ratchet clutches compete with industrial electric, hydraulic and sprag-type mechanical clutches. They compare favorably on the basis of torque-vs.-weight, torque-vs.-price and torque-vs.-envelope. In overrunning service they also compare favorably in terms of efficiency and torque-vs.-overrunning-speed. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Triple Dual End Distribution Lineman’s Wrench

Lowell's 103TDE, 101TDE & 100TDE ratcheting lineman's wrenches give high line utility workers 1-1/8”, 1”, 3/4” & 5/8” square openings and 3/4" & 9/16” hex openings for common pole fasteners, lag bolts, and clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box gear at the other. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Model 8C 4-in-1 Ratcheting Box Wrench

The new 8C ratcheting socket wrench from Lowell Corporation features four sockets that can handle the four most common nut sizes found in utility and construction work. In one durable, user-friendly tool Lowell has made it easier for workers to have the right tool for four different tasks, improving worker efficiency and safety. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Custom Ratchets from Lowell

OEM motion control designers who need custom engineering support for mechanical applications will be interested in Lowell Corporation's extensive experience in modifying its off-the-shelf ratchet arms, handles, and ratchet and roller clutches to meet specific control requirements. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratchet and Socket Wrenches for Demanding Jobs

Lowell Corporation’s 40 Series cast iron ratchet wrenches, 20 Series “remote shifting” ratchet wrenches and 50 Series cast iron ratcheting socket wrenches are designed expressly to give workers the right tools for extremely demanding applications. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell Double Handle Ratchets

Double Handle Ratchet Wrenches give workers maximum versatility and the ability to apply additional force when needed. These wrenches are suitable for use by one operator and may be used by two workers when extra turning force is required. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Double Shot Socket Wrench®

Lowell “bolt-thru” double socket ratchet wrenches (DoubleShot®) for water, wastewater, pipeline and underground electrical utility installation and repair. The wrenches are available individually or in a three wrench set that includes a durable plastic carrying case. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Valve Key Socket Set

Lowell’s Valve Key Socket Set is specifically designed to engage rounded or corroded two inch square valve operating nuts. The set includes small, medium, and large sockets. The socket attach to a standard gate key with the included hardware. This set offers lower cost and lower maintenance than alternative tools. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Roller Clutches and Sprockets

A cam and ring assembly gives machinery extreme reliability at a low cost. The cam’s roller ramps allow free wheeling in one direction and lock-up in the reverse direction. The cam and ring is the basic component of a one way sprocket, overrunning clutch, roller arm or as an add-on component for any design. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Extra Large Wrenches for Extra Large Jobs

Lowell Corporation's 40 Series ratchet wrenches and 50 Series socket wrenches are designed expressly to give workers the right tools for extremely demanding applications. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - 3-in-1 Impact Sockets

Lowell Corporation now has TWO Triple Square Impact Sockets. Both sockets work with impact wrenches and combine three square socket openings into one socket.

Designed for high line utility workers, the Triple Sockets have a slim profile and light weight for easy handling. They can be used with any impact wrench or rattle gun to install or tighten utility pole hardware. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lineman Wrench 100T Series Triple Square

Three relaunched Lowell lineman wrench models, the #100T Series Tower, provide greater flexibility for the most common nut sizes. The 1-1/8” x 1-5/16” x 1-1/2” triple square socket allows for tolerances on 1-1/8” square nuts (3/4” bolts), 1-5/16” square nuts (7/8” bolts), and 1-1/2” square nuts (1” bolts). It also fits 1-1/2” he... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Lowell SureTork Ratcheting Torque Wrench

Lowell’s SureTork® is a new "Bolt-Thru" ratcheting torque wrench. Using a SureTork® wrench ensures nuts are always properly torqued. It’s bolt-thru feature permits easy access to nuts on any threaded length. It is a click-type torque handle with a quick release socket head that accepts Lowell's standard or extended reach "Bolt-Thru" sockets. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches

Ratchet wrenches make hydrant operation faster, easier.

When a hydrant has to be opened in a hurry, Lowell's three rugged, ratcheting hydrant wrenches make the job faster and easier. Mount a wrench on a pentagonal or square nut, tighten the thumb screw, and you're in business. Long bolts or worn or frozen nuts? No problem. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Ratchet Arms

Ratchet Arms are 6" to 42" levers for use in a number of operations; machine tools, positioning tables, military applications, material handling, drilling machines, pipe tapping, paper machines. (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Tools for OEM Design Engineers

Lowell Corporation takes pride in manufacturing only the highest quality, 100% made in America tools and components. If you are a design engineer, you probably spend a good amount of your time searching for products to integrate into various applications during your design process. Lowell wrenches, clutches, specialty tools, and clamps are the standard in many critical utility, industria... (read more)

Lowell Corporation - Less is More with Application Centered Design

View the full official white paper on our website! (read more)