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Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Trade Shows, Events, Seminars &Conferences

Precision Polymer Engineering makes regular appearances at trade shows, conferences, seminars and events around the world, sharing news of our upcoming sealing developments with customers in every industry.

We place great value in meeting with potential customers, as it gives our gives our engineers a chance to understand your sealing challenges in greater detail, allowing us to d... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - New plasma resistant seal materials for semicon

Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) will be launching two new high performance sealing materials, Perlast® G65HP and Perlast® G67G, at SEMICON West 2017 this July.

Both new Perlast® material grades are perfluoroelastomers which incorporate low levels of advanced nano-particle fillers. These materials have been formulated for minimal particle generation, a... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Low Temperature O-rings & Seals

PPE has developed a number of elastomer materials that provide exceptional low temperature sealing performance down to -100°C (-148°F). (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Sealing solutions for Oil & Gas applications

Precision Polymer Engineering has supplied high performance anti-explosive decompression (AED) seals, O-rings and custom molded rubber components into the oilfield industry for over 25 years. Our specialized elastomer grades are specifically tailored to provide high sealing efficiency for systems operating in the most inhospitable environments in the world including explosive decompressi... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Pharmaceutical - Medical Rubber Seals

PPE offers a full range of sealing solutions for pharmaceutical and bio-analytical industries where both mechanical and chemical properties are crucial, and hygienic sealing capability is critical. PPE's grades of medical rubber have been specially developed to produce medical seals which withstand a wide range of process media, potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's) and aggres... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Sealing solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Semi-conductor production environments represent some of the most aggressive environments encountered by seals. Seals have to be made of ultra-pure materials, survive extreme temperatures and a mixture of fluorinated gases. For these reasons, seals for the semi-conductor industry are at the cutting edge of materials technology.

Our team of scientists and technicians has created a... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Sealing solutions-Chemical Processing applications

Sealing pumps, valves, tanks, fluid metering devices and reactors in the chemical processing industry requires high performance materials which offer excellent chemical resistance to various aggressive media. The diverse range of markets within this industry, including petrochemical and pharmaceutical, demand outstanding chemical sealing performance, reliability and increased service lif... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Nanofluor® Y75G nano-filled elastomer seal

Nanofluor® Y75G is a NEW seal material that uses a specialised non-metallic, inorganic nano-filler specially compounded to ensure a highly uniform dispersion within the matrix. What's more, this new material leads the field in benchmark testing in various plasma sources. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Mechanical Face Seals

Ideal for use in heavy duty sealing applications, mechanical face seals are designed to operate in environments where there is a high level of external contamination such as mud, sand, dirt and water. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - PTFE Seals

Often used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications PTFE seals offer several advantages over traditional elastomer solutions; low friction at high pressure, low stick slip, high abrasion resistance and universal chemical compatibility are all factors which make PTFE seals an important option when designing efficient and reliable sealing systems. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Pump & Valve Packings

Typically used in rotary, plunger and static pumps, as well as a variety of valves, our packings are available in range of materials to suit any application requirements. Whatever your packing needs; resistance to wear, chemicals or high pressures and temperatures, rigid or flexible, we will work with you to recommend the right packing for you. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Service

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer simulation technique used to predict contact forces, deformation and stress levels within elastomer components. In order to maximise the accuracy of modelling, PPE engineers generate temperature specific material models for specific applications.

By minimising stresses within an elastomer we can reduce the effect of stress induced chemic... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Custom elastomer component design

PPE offers a comprehensive design and modelling service for seals, custom moulded elastomers and bonded components. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Elastomer testing & seal failure analysis

Independant testing and analysis available on any polymer material using PPE's state of the art laboratory facilities located in the UK and USA. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - PTFE Spring Energized Seals

PTFE spring energized seals are single acting sealing elements used for both rotary and reciprocating applications. Spring energized seals can also be used as a static element where the nature of the application precludes the use of elastomer seals. This could typically be a low friction requirement or where there are uncertain chemical compatibility requirements. This makes spring energ... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Wafer Handling Components

Wafer handling components, including end effectors pads, molded from electrostatically dissipative elastomers developed for semiconductor processes. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - PTFE Rotary Shaft Seal

Rotary shaft seals manufactured from PTFE are the perfect choice when it comes to sealing applications with high operational specifications. Using high performance fillers, our PTFE shaft seals are able to operate in environments that are too severe for elastomer solutions to be considered. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - FFKM Spring Seals

Spring Seals comprise of a high modulus elastomer and two integrated anti-extrusion springs, they are used to effectively seal applications that are subject to:- Large clearance gaps High pressure (bi-directional) Restricted access for seal installation Chemical attack by oilfield media PPE spring seals are available in unique combina... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - X-rings and D-rings

X-rings and D-rings offer an alternative seal solution to O-rings for use in reciprocating, dynamic or rotary applications. The main advantage of X-rings and D-rings is that they prevent twisting and rolling, which results in spiral failure often seen when O-rings are used in reciprocating applications. X-rings and D-rings can typically be retrofitted into existing O-ring grooves... (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Steam resistant EPDM seals & O-rings

The latest advance in elastomer technology, EnDura E90SR is an EPDM material that provides high temperature steam resistance in critical applications. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - O-Rings

PPE manufactures and supplies CNC machined and fully molded elastomer O-rings from 1.5mm (0.06") to 2.5 metres (8ft) outer diameter and 0.8mm (0.03") to 12mm (0.47") cross section. All of the rubber O-rings that we manufacture are available in both small quantities and large volumes. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Rubber O-ring Seals - O-rings

PPE manufactures and supplies fully molded and CNC machined elastomer O-rings from 1.5mm (0.06") to 2.5 metres (8ft) outer diameter and 0.8mm (0.03") to 12mm (0.47") cross section. All of the rubber O-rings we manufacture are available in both small quantities and large volumes. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Slit Valve Doors & Gates

PPE offers a range of profiles that maximize sealing integrity and life expectancy for bonded and non-bonded slit valve gates fitted with Perlast® seals. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - New FFKM seal material for plasma resistance

Perlast G65HP is a high performance, ultra-high purity perfluoroelastomer, developed specifically for high concentration fluorine radical plasmas such as those typically used in semiconductor remote chamber cleaning using NF3. (read more)

Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd. - Wafer Handling Components

End-effector pads and wafter handling components molded from high purity elastomers. (read more)

News articles and press releases for Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.:


Nanofluor® Y75G - a highly fluorinated FKM/FFKM hybrid material has undergone comprehensive testing using different plasma chemistries and plasma sources, data shows the new material performs significantly better than traditional FFKM products.


EnDura Z90LT - a new hydrogenated nitrile elastomer compound specially developed for high pressure applications to reduce the risk of rapid gas decompression seal failure and maintain resilience at low temperature.


Founded in 1975, Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) is celebrating its 40th year anniversary in 2015; this milestone was acknowledged recently with an employee family fun day and “birthday” party.


PPE has developed the world’s first elastomeric material, for the manufacture of end effector pads, designed to tackle the problem of electrostatic discharge.


EnDura E90SR can withstand high temperatures (up to 550°F / 288°C) & high pressures, with excellent rapid gas decompression resistance. The new material is ideal for use in pumps, valves, turbines, geothermal tools and drilling equipment.


Precision Polymer Engineering looks forward to meeting with you at industry events such as OTC in Houston, Semicon West in San Francisco and many other events around the globe.