X-rings and D-rings

Featured Product from Precision Polymer Engineering Ltd.

X-rings and D-rings offer an alternative seal solution to O-rings for use in reciprocating, dynamic or rotary applications.  The main advantage of X-rings and D-rings is that they prevent twisting and rolling, which results in spiral failure often seen when O-rings are used in reciprocating applications.

X-rings and D-rings can typically be retrofitted into existing O-ring grooves with the size often based around the original O-ring size.  Both X-rings and D-rings can be manufactured by PPE to standard O-ring sizes, as well as custom sizes for specific applications

With an unrivalled range of elastomer materials available, PPE has an elastomer for every application, with performance characteristics that meet high temperature and aggressive chemical applications.

For X-rings and D-rings used in food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications PPE offers a variety of elastomer material grades compliant with many international requirements such as FDA, USP Class VI, WRAS, KTW and 3-A in addition to metal detectable materials, all of which are free from Animal Derived Ingredients.