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RDP Electrosense - LIN Extreme Environment Displacement Transducer

High cycle life
High radiation resistance
High temperature survival
Stainless steel
Infinite resolution (read more)

RDP Electrosense - See How it Works - 4 to 20mA LVDT

An LVDT Displacement Transducer comprises 3 coils; a primary and two secondaries.
The transfer of current between the primary and the secondaries of the LVDT displacement transducer is controlled by the position of a magnetic core called an armature.
On our position measurement LVDTs, the two transducer secondaries are connected in opposition.
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RDP Electrosense - Pre-Calibrated, Easy to Install and Use

RDP’s LVDTs are designed for accurate displacement/position measurement even under the harshest conditions. The new DCV DC-DC LVDTs offer a 0-10 volt output that is electrically isolated from the input (14-26 VDC) eliminating concerns over power supply selection and grounding issues. Available in measuring ranges from 0.2 inch (5mm) up to 37 inches (940mm). Ideal for machine... (read more)

RDP Electrosense - DCV DC to DC LVDTs from RDP Group

Our DC to DC LVDT transducer has all of the benefits of the LVDT sensor principle with the added convenience of built-in LVDT electronics enabling a dc supply and dc output. (read more)

RDP Electrosense - Miniature LVDT Displacement Transducers

RDP's D5/D6 and GT series displacement transducers are ideal for gauging and positioning applications where space is restricted and micron accuracy is required. Available in unguided, spring-extended, and air-actuated configurations with ranges starting at 0.020 inches. (read more)

RDP Electrosense - DR7 Din Rail Mounting Amplifier

DR7 Din Rail Mounting Amplifier from RDP Group.

The DR7 is a DIN rail mounting amplifier designed to install in suitable cabinets along with other similar devices. To reduce electrical noise, system problems and the risk of accidental damage the DR7 has full isolation between supply and output. (read more)

RDP Electrosense - DCV Series Isolated Output Displacement Transducer

DCV Series Isolated 0 to 10V Output Displacement Transducer from RDP Group

These transducers are for displacement / position measurement. They make an accurate position measurement of the movement of the armature (the sliding part) relative to the body of the displacement transducer. (read more)

RDP Electrosense - SSD Seawater Submersible Displacement Transducer

SSD Seawater Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducer

High resolution
Voltage / 4-20mA output
High cycle life
Seawater submersible
Stainless steel
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RDP Electrosense - Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducer

D5W Submersible LVDT Displacement Transducer

  • Miniature
  • High cycle life
  • Submersible
  • Stainless steel
  • Infinite resolution
  • High accuracy
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RDP Electrosense - Infinite resolution RLC Compression Load Cell
  • Low cost
  • Very high accuracy
  • Infinite resolution
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RDP Electrosense offers a full line of LVDTs that are ideal for monitoring bridges. They are used to measure movements and strain in the structures caused by the increased weight and volume of traffic, environmental conditions, and other factors.