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ThermOmegaTech® - Come See Us At AHR In Las Vegas!

Gonna be at AHR in Vegas this month? CircuitSolver will be releasing a NEW balancing valve at booth N9137! Check out our latest plumbing innovation at the show! (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - STVM Washdown Station Testimonial with Greg Evans

Greg Evans, Sales Director at Ace Sanitary, talks about the features & benefits of the STVM Washdown Station in our latest video. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - CircuitSolver Union Cost Savings

Need to balance your domestic hot water system and looking for the best and most cost-effective solution? The CircuitSolver Union features a union with an optional check valve built into the body of the CircuitSolver® to reduce the number of system components to be installed and minimize potential leak points. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Hear What Contractors Are Saying About The DTV

Cody Cline, Vice President of GW Mechanical talks about the benefits he saw when installing the DTV (Drain Tempering Valve) in the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander, Wyoming. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - The Need for Railroad Freeze Protection

Check out our latest Talking with TOTs episode! Learn about Railroad Freeze Protection with Railroad Product Manager, Dana Logue. Just in time for freeze season! (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - CircuitSolver Case Study - The Austonian

CASE STUDY: Austonian high-rise resolves hot water delivery delays with the CircuitSolver – reducing wait times from 2-3 minutes down to 15-30 seconds. See what the Owner’s Representative, Robert Albanese had to say about the install process. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Thermal Relief For Booster Pumps

Need thermal relief for your pumps? Our thermal relief valves monitor current fluid heat levels and will automatically modulate open to discharge overheated water to maintain the appropriate discharge temperature. Once discharge temperatures lower, the valve closes to conserve water. Protect your pumps: (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - The Secret to a Freeze-Free/Cost-Effective Winter

Naval bases in the pacific northwest saved so much water after installing our HAT/FP freeze protection valves that the water utility company called to see what happened. See how you can do the same: (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Are Your Safety Showers OSHA & ANSI Complaint?

Are your emergency safety shower & face/eyewash stations compliant with OSHA & ANSI standards? Make sure your water quality, flow rate, and temperature are up to par with this guide: (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Everything You Need For Railroad Freeze Protection

Worried about falling temperatures affecting your locomotives & passenger train cars? GURUs got you covered – check out our GURU line of railroad freeze protection products to see how thermostatic drain valves protect your investments all winter long! (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Get Your Industrial Facilities Winterized

Fall is officially here, which means Winter is not far behind! Are your water lines and industrial piping protected from freezing? Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact ThermOmegaTech - You won't regret it! (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Protect Your Staff With Scald Protection Valves

Don’t let the heat create unsafe working conditions – protect your staff with ThermOmegaTech’s anti-scald valves, designed to drain overheated water from emergency safety stations and keep employees safe. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Temperature Control for Land Air Space & Sea

From land and sea to air and space, ThermOmegaTech's thermostatic solutions have no equal when it comes to precise temperature control in A&D applications. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - It's Time to Start Thinking About Scald Protection

The HAT/SP valve continually senses and automatically bleeds excessively hot water from safety shower and eyewash systems. Scald protection is provided with minimal water consumption. The unique plug and seat design offers the most reliable, tight shutoff available. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - STVM - Safe, Silent, and Automatic Washdown

Designed with worker safety in mind, the STVM Washdown Station will automatically reduce flow if temperatures rise above the unit’s factory set point, completely cutting flow off 15°F above that. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Ultimate Freeze Protection For Your Passenger Cars

The GURU PC® freeze protection valve is NSF 61 low-lead content certified for use in passenger car potable water-bearing systems & will keep you running on time all winter long. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Innovative Washdown for Maximum Sanitation

When it comes to employee safety & health in the turbulent year that is 2020, industries have had to develop safer and cleaner production environments to keep workers safe. For food production facilities, washdown stations are often a vital part of their sanitation procedures. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Don't Let Cold Weather Slow Your Locomotives Down

Don’t let cold weather slow your water-cooled locomotives down - the GURU Plug monitors cooling water storage tank temperatures and will automatically drain before freezing can occur. Don't get stuck with a freeze-up this winter, choose the GURU! (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - HAT/FP - Save Money & Conserve Water

ThermOmegaTech's HAT/FP valve prevents docked naval ship water lines from freezing with thermostatic technology – resulting in millions of gallons of water saved and significantly reducing utility costs over the freeze season each year. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - 3-way Thermostatic Mixing and Diverting Valves

ThermOmegaTech®'s self-actuating thermostatic mixing and diverting valves can be used in mixing or diverting industrial and aerospace and defense applications to keep your processes operating within their optimal temperature range. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - CircuitSolver Sanitary High-Temp Flush Valve

Designing a DHWS with Legionella prevention in mind? Combine reliable balancing & high temp sanitizing flush capabilities in one easy to install package with the CircuitSolver Sanitary Flush Balancing Valve. It’s what your design’s missing. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Custom Thermal Control Solutions, Built To Suit

Frustrated by underperforming off-the-shelf products? Our engineering team custom tailors unique thermal control solutions for aerospace & defense, expertly designed to exceed expectations. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Eliminating Live Steam Losses

During cold months, fluid-carrying or temperature sensitive piping must be winterized to keep industrial processes functioning. For facilities that already have systems that use steam, redirecting some of it to heat trace piping during the winter months seems like a simple solution. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Thermostatic Solutions for Aerospace & Defense

ThermOmegaTech® offers self-actuating, thermostatic valves for applications where temperature control is critical. These valves provide precise and reliable temperature control for navy shipyards, FMTVs, Howitzer, airplanes, F-16 aircraft, spacecraft and more. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Avionics Cooling with Thermal Bypass Valves

Precise & Reliable Avionics Cooling with Thermal Bypass Valves (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Thermal Bypass Valves

Compact, low mass, reliable and fast acting. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Guaranteed Drain Effluent Compliance with the DTV

The Drain Tempering Valve simplifies compliance with international plumbing codes governing effluent flow. Compact and effective, the DTV is 100% self-operating and is incredibly easy to install on new or pre-existing commercial equipment set-ups. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Aerospace: Temperature & Air Control Solutions

From controlling jet air intakes to cooling electronics systems and managing hydraulic fluid temperature to airplane galley scald protection, ThermOmegaTech's thermostatic valves are MADE IN THE USA and trusted by NASA, Northop Grumman, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and many premier aerospace companies. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Freeze Protection in Transportation Systems

GURU® Plugs are installed on locomotive engine coolant water storage tanks, and water-cooled compressors to automatically monitor the water temperature. The plug’s thermal actuator will sense the water temperature and snap open when the engine is shut down and temperatures are close to freezing. This allows for the system to drain before freeze damage can occur. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Domestic Hot Water Thermostatic Balancing Valve

The CircuitSolver® uses a thermal actuator to control the flow of water through each branch of a domestic hot water recirculation system. It continually monitors and responds to the temperature in the line to direct the hot water where it's needed thereby maintaining a constantly balanced system. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Steam & Water Washdown Station

ThermOmegaTech®'s STVM® Washdown Station incorporates unique Venturi mixing technology to deliver water at the required temperature quickly, quietly and on demand. It is unique in that it has only one moving part, a thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge, and is designed to fit in place of most other industrial hose stations. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - On Demand Tepid Water Delivery Systems

Safety showers and eyewash stations are critical in environments where chemical spills are a potential threat. ThermOmegaTech®, a leader in self-actuating thermostatic technology, has designed an innovative solution supplying consistently tepid water on demand to meet OSHA and ANSI Z358.1 safety requirements: the Therm-O-Mix® station. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Thermostatic Valves Increase Reliability & Savings

ThermOmegaTech designs and manufactures thermostatic valves for countless applications that require temperature control. Specializing in thermal actuator technology, our self-actuating valves are highly reliable, repeatable, compact, and low cost. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Scald Protection Valve

The IC/SP Scald Protection Valve is designed specifically to drain excessively hot water from safety showers and eyewash systems. The sensing element, the thermal actuator, is always wetted and is preferable for heat traced lines where scald protection flow is not required unless heat tracing fails. IC/SP valves are installed within the heated system. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Self-Operating, Thermostatic Drain Valve

ThermOmegaTech's line of GURU PC® Valves are self-operating, thermostatic drain valves that protect passenger cars from freeze damage which in turn protects your investment and keeps your equipment safe. The advanced, reliable GURU PC® valves increase uptime on passenger cars by preventing water lines from freezing before any damage can occur. (read more)

ThermOmegaTech® - Inline Temperature Control Valve

The Inline Temperature Control Valve (HAT/RA) is a reverse acting valve used to regulate the flow of cooling media in thermal relief applications requiring the removal of heat from a variety of equipment or processes. These valves are installed in-line and regulate flow as needed to maintain optimal operating temperatures and minimize consumption and waste. (read more)