SC-70 IC Voltage Regulators Datasheets

Linear Regulators -- MIC5213
from Microchip Technology, Inc.

The MIC5213 is a µCap 80mA linear voltage regulator in the Teeny ™ SC-70 package. Featuring half the footprint of the standard SOT-23 package, this Teeny ™ SC-70 regulator has very low dropout voltage (typically 20mV at light loads and 300mV at 80mA) and very low ground current... [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70; 5/SC70
  • Output Voltage: 2.5 to 5
  • Regulator Category: Linear
  • IOUT: 0.0800
Low Noise LDO with Low IQ, High PSRR -- ISL9003AIEBZ-T
from Renesas Electronics Corporation

ISL9003A is a high performance single low noise, high PSRR LDO that delivers a continuous 150mA of load current. It has a low standby current and is stable with 1 µF of MLCC output capacitance with an ESR of up to 200mO. The ISL9003A has a very high PSRR of 90dB and output noise is 20... [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70; Other; DFN
  • Output Voltage Type: Fixed
  • Regulator Category: Linear
  • Output Voltage: 1.5 to 3.3
1025589 [TPS71501DCKR from Texas Instruments Standard Linear and Logic]
from RS Components, Ltd.

50mA LDO with 24Vin, TPS71501DCKR - Power Management ICs - Low Dropout Voltage Regulators [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70; Other; SC-70
  • Output Voltage Type: Adjustable / Variable
  • Regulator Category: Low Dropout Voltage Regulators
  • Output Voltage: 1.2 to 15
150mA MicroPower Fast Transient Low Noise LDO -- AAT3218
from Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

The AAT3218 MicroPower ™ low dropout linear regulator is ideally suited for portable applications where very fast transient response, extended battery life, and small size are critical. The AAT3218 has been specifically designed for high-speed turn-on and turnoff performance, fast transient... [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70; SOT23; Other; SOT-23 5L, 2.85 x 2.80 x 1.20, SC70JW 8L, 2.2 x 2.0 x 1.05
  • IOUT: 0.1500
  • Regulator Category: Linear
  • Dropout Voltage: 0.2000
1135382 [TPS71530DCKR from Texas Instruments High-Performance Analog]
from Farnell Europe

V REG LDO 50MA +3.0V, SMD, 71530 [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70
  • Output Voltage: 3
  • Regulator Category: Linear
  • IOUT: 0.0500
High PSRR, Low-Dropout, 150mA Linear Regulators -- MAX8891
from Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

The MAX8891/MAX8892 low-dropout (LDO) linear regulators are designed to deliver up to 150mA continuous output current. These regulators achieve a low 120mV dropout for 120mA load current. The MAX8891 only requires an input/output capacitor, hence achieving the smallest PCB area. The MAX8892's output... [See More]

  • Package Type: SC-70
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85
  • Regulator Category: Linear