Superficial Hardness Testers Datasheets

Portable Hardness Testers -- ES3
from Johnson and Allen, Ltd.

The ES3 (Equostat 3) is a hardness tester designed with thin and small test objects in mind. Hardness test results are negatively affected by thin and small volume materials unless they are compensated for. The ES3 achieves this by using Proceq's patented and pre-installed software package in... [See More]

  • Test Method: Superficial
  • Mounting: Handheld or Portable
  • Test: Rockwell
  • Test Load: 1.02 to 5.1
Indentron® 300 Series -- Model C-NI300RD
from Newage Testing Instruments, Inc.

Preload error monitoring, easy calibration, combination testing [See More]

  • Test Method: Superficial; Micro
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Test: Rockwell
  • Test Load: 15 to 150
Hardness Testers
from Phase II Plus

Latest portable hardness tester technology. Utilizes both ultrasonic and dynamic type portable hardness testers in one unit. Can test non-destructive and handle small or thin work parts down to 2mm of thickness, as well as testing large parts. Extremely versatile, with many options and... [See More]

  • Test Method: Superficial (optional feature); Micro (optional feature); Macro (optional feature)
  • Mounting: Handheld or Portable (optional feature); Fixtured or Permanent (optional feature)
  • Test: Brinell (optional feature); Rockwell (optional feature); Vickers / Knoop (optional feature)
Hardness Testing Instrument -- ZHR 4045
from Zwick USA

Hardness Testing Instrument Zwick ZHR. The various instruments in the Rockwell product group are used for classical Rockwell methods (load: 60 - 150 kg), Superficial Rockwell methods (load: 15 - 45 kg) and combinations of Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell methods (load: 15 - 150 kg). These... [See More]

  • Test Method: Superficial
  • Mounting: Fixtured or Permanent
  • Test: Rockwell
  • Test Load: 15 to 45