Glass HPLC Columns Datasheets

ZORBAX XDB C18 5u 250 X 0.5 5um -- P5064-8286
from Carl Stuart Co.


  • Construction Material: Glass
42018-04 E 401199 - Chromatography Column, 40 mL nominal volume -- GO-34624-10
from Cole-Parmer

bull; Chromatography columns with PTFE valve, coarse fritted disc, and flow control adapter. Low pressure (7 psig max) medium wall chromatography column with reservoir. Columns feature a PTFE insert with a locknut that attaches the flow control valve to the column. Top closure is a GL-45 thread for... [See More]

  • Construction Material: Glass
BenchMark Column 10 mm/100 mm 1xF 1xA -- 006BCC-10-10-AF
from Western Analytical Products

BenchMark columns are designed to suit the majority of standard laboratory chromatography applications. They are ideal for aqueous systems and compatible with solvents used in common liquid chromatography applications such as protein purification. Economical modular columns for low pressure or... [See More]

  • Construction Material: Glass
  • Operating Pressure: 600
  • Column Length: 10
  • Operating Temperature: 39.2 to 140