Ion Exchange HPLC Columns Datasheets

Carbonate Form Replacement Cartridges -- 79865
from Hamilton Co.

HC-75 columns separate compounds through ligand exchange. The 8% cross-linked HC-75 uses ligand exchange as the primary mechanism of separation. The different forms of the HC-75 (Hydrogen, Calcium and Lead) each provide a unique selectivity for separating varying types of charged analytes based on... [See More]

  • Stationary Phase/Separation Process: Ion Exchange
  • Construction Material: Stainless Steel
  • Column Type: Guard
  • Packing Diameter: 20
HPLC Columns
from Waters Corporation

State-of-the-art Reversed-Phase and HILIC HPLC ColumnsWaters offers a wide range of analytical and preparative chromatography columns to meet the needs of virtually every application. The Waters Column Advisor recommends the most appropriate column depending on the on the application requirements... [See More]

  • Stationary Phase/Separation Process: Normally Bonded Phase (optional feature); Reversed Phase (optional feature); Ion Exclusion (optional feature); Ion Exchange (optional feature)
  • Packing Diameter: 2.5
  • Column Type: Analytical (optional feature); Guard (optional feature)
  • Pore Diameter: 105