Desktop / Free Standing AC Power Sources Datasheets

International Power Source -- 85521701
from Interpower

The Interpower International Power Source (IPS) provides a low-cost, convenient source of AC power at various operating voltages and frequencies found around the world (typically 110-240VAC/50-60Hz) which is important for testing any products that are exported. Output power is delivered through one... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing; Rack Mount (optional feature)
  • AC Output Current: 15 to 60
  • AC Output Voltage: 10.0 to 276.0
  • AC Output Power: 1725
Power Oscillator -- Model 5900
from Actioncraft Products, Inc. / Industrial Test Equipment Co., Inc.

The Model 5900 is a high general purpose audio generator. The circuit consists of a low distortion oscillator, a drive amplifier, and a bipolar FET class AB1 power amplifier with an output transformer. The output transformer has three taps to allow utilization of the full power over a wide range of... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing
  • AC Output Current: 0.5300 to 8.2
  • AC Output Voltage: 0.0 to 260.0
  • AC Output Power: 50
Automated AC Power Source -- APT MODEL 7004
from Associated Power Technologies, Inc.

Our 7000 Series Automated AC Power Sources are ideal for advanced applications at competitive prices. Switch-mode technology and a direct coupled output make these AC Power Sources lightweight and efficient for use on the bench-top or rack mount applications. Use the rotary knob to adjust voltage or... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing; Rack Mount
  • Number of Outputs: 1
  • AC Output Power: 400
  • Features: Adjustable Frequency; Adjustable Voltage; Adjustable Current
Linear Transformers and Power Supplies -- A-12V0-0A5-ED23
from Condor Electronics, Inc.

Desktop Style. 230VAC/50Hz. Single Output Voltage. Class 2 Transformer. [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing
  • AC Input Voltage: 230.0
  • Phase: Single-Phase Power Supply
  • Input Frequency: 50
PCR-M Series Compact AC Power Supplies -- PCR1000M
from Kikusui America, Inc.

The PCR-M Series is a small-size AC power supply with the ease of a variable auto transformer or an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and the usefulness of a multifunctional AC power supply. As the PWM inverter method is adopted for the power unit, the PCR-M Series is much smaller and lighter than... [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing
  • AC Output Current: ? to 10
  • AC Output Voltage: 1.0 to 270.0
  • Output Frequency: 4.00E-5 to 5.00E-4
Xenon Lamp Power Supply -- XPS1000
from Solar Light Company, Inc.

1000W xenon power supply - extremely stable output with controllable output levels. [See More]

  • Form Factor: Desktop / Free Standing
  • AC Output Current: 35 to 100
  • AC Output Voltage: 10.0 to 24.0
  • Phase: Single-Phase Power Supply