PMC Carrier Cards and Carrier Boards Datasheets

COM Express Type 6 Carrier Cards -- ACEX-4600
from Acromag, Inc.

ACEX-4610: Single-width with one XMC/PMC site and two Mini PCIe sites. ACEX-4620: Double-width with two XMC/PMC sites and two Mini PCIe sites. Acromag ’s ACEX-4600 Type 6 COM Express carrier cards employ a number of key features that are critical for successful use in the rugged environments... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: PMC; XMC Carrier
  • Bus / Form Factor: 125mm x 165mm or 200mm x 165mm
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier
3U CompactPCI® Single PMC Slot Carrier Board -- MIC-3953
from Advantech

The MIC-3953 is a 3U CompactPCI carrier board for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) modules. It provides one 32,64-bit/33,66 MHz PMC site in 4HP width for system expansion through different PMC modules. Advantech provides several PMC modules that work with MIC-3953, such as the 10/100 Ethernet module and... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: PMC
  • Bus / Form Factor: 3U CompactPCI
3C CompactPCI Serial Front Removable SATA Drive Carrier Board
from ELMA Electronic Inc.

The SD8-STEEL is a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI ® Serial systems. The SD8-STEEL is provided with a mobile rack, which accommodates a 2.5-inch size SATA drive, either SSD or HDD. Fast swap of the drive can be accomplished via the front panel. A push button opens a door and ejects the... [See More]

  • Carrier Type: PMC
  • Carrier Class: Non-intelligent Carrier