Normally Open (NO) Safety Mats Datasheets

Safety Contact Mat -- 1000 mm x 1000 mm
from ASO Safety Solutions Inc.

Safety contact mats are used to safeguard the entire industrial and production automation. Stepping on the mat triggers an immediate “stop ” signal in order to prevent endangering movements. Your overall benefits. Resistant against most chemical contaminants and impervious to dust. High... [See More]

  • Switch Configuration: Normally Open (NO)
  • Width: 39.37 to 98.43
  • Length: 29.53 to 55.12
  • Switch Pole and Throw Specifications: Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST)
Safety Mat Systems -- NSD
from Pinnacle Systems, Inc.

Heavy duty and flexible safety mat system. The Category 3 controller meets all safety standards. This style system is the traditional style of a normally open (NO) switch mats. Customized shapes and sizes of mats is our specialty with large 6 ′ x 12 ′ single mat capability. Made in USA. [See More]

  • Switch Configuration: Normally Open (NO)
  • Width: 12 to 144
  • Length: 12 to 72
  • Maximum Mechanical Life: 5.00E6