Joystick Industrial Remote Controls Datasheets

DRC Radio Remote Control System -- DRC-J Joystick Transmitter
from Demag Cranes & Components

Applications. Wherever you use radio control systems to control cranes, hoists, machinery and installations, you benefit from much greater flexibility than with wire-connected controls. Benefits. Impact and temperature-resistant housing design. Integrated impact protection (DRC-10). Reliable radio... [See More]

  • Interface Type: Joystick; Pushbutton
  • Radio Technology: Transmitter
  • Form Factor: Handheld; Portable
  • Number of Transmitters: 6
Console Box Radio Control Transmitter -- T70-3
from Canadian Industrial Radios & Controls (CIRC)

The Customisable Transmitter. Characteristics. Up to 3 joysticks or 6 paddles. Multiband Radio with Full-Duplex communication. Highly customizable. External EEPROM SIM module. Easy and fast maintenance. High resistance to impacts. Frequency management against interferences. Applications: Overhead... [See More]

  • Interface Type: Joystick (optional feature); Paddle (optional feature)
  • Radio Technology: Transmitter
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Number of Transmitters: 5
spectrum 1

The bestseller!. 2 joysticks with up to 6 steps or analog. Various one-step push buttons. Various toggle or rotary switches/buttons. STOP impact switch. radiomatic ® iON for quick activation of a spare transmitter. Suitable for Multi-Receiver-Concepts (MRC). Rechargeable NiMH exchange battery... [See More]

  • Interface Type: Joystick; Pushbutton; Toggle; Rotary, Key Switch
  • Radio Technology: Transmitter
  • Form Factor: Portable
  • Number of Transmitters: 3 to 10