Acoustic Microscopy (SAM) Material Testing Services Datasheets

E-Labs, Inc.
from E-Labs, Inc.

E-Labs, Inc. is a Full Service Testing Laboratory, offering customers access to state of the art facilities and personnel. E-Labs personnel have over 40 years of hands on testing experience within all testing disciplines for the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Commercial and the IT industries. [See More]

  • Test Methods: SAM; Mechanical Testing; NDT
  • Certifications (Facility): Military / DOD; ISO 17025
  • Company Information: E-Labs offers climatic, salt fog, altitude, acoustic noise, vibration, thermal shock, temperature, product, and humidity testing, military and environmental simulation. They offer state of the art facilities and personnel with over 40 years of experience.
  • Capabilities: Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Report Preparation; Sample Retention; Sunlight Exposure or Solar Simulation
from Acuren

We operate five fully equipped advanced materials testing laboratories, designed to handle any size project with rapid turnaround. Experienced technical staff and state-of-the-art equipment are available for all mechanical, chemistry, metallurgical and plastics testing. Test results can be... [See More]

  • Test Methods: SAM; Diffraction; Mechanical Testing; NDT; Property Testing; SEM; Thermal Analysis; UV / Vis Spectroscopy; Wet Chemical Analysis; XRF; X-ray Radiography
  • Certifications (Facility): State; ISO 9001:2000; NADCAP
  • Company Information: Acuren, an NDT inspection and materials engineering firm focused on supporting mechanical integrity and inspection programs in the Petrochemical, Refinery, Pipeline, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Automotive industries.
  • Capabilities: Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Environmental Testing and Analysis Services; Failure Analysis; Report Preparation; Sample Retention; Standards/Certification; Umpire / Proficiency Testing
Element Materials Technology
from Element Materials Technology

Is your product's performance a sure thing?. You have a future envisioned for your product. You see an outstanding performance-high sales, low returns and happy customers. But before you can consider your product successful, you need to know if it will do what you're asking it to do. Will it perform... [See More]

  • Test Methods: SAM; AA; AES; Chromatography; Diffraction; ICP; Infrared Spectroscopy; Mass Spec / RGA; Mechanical Testing; Metallography/Microscopy; NDT; OES; Property Testing; SEM; Sieve; Thermal Analysis; Trace Element Detection; UV / Vis Spectroscopy; Wet Chemical Analysis; XRF; X-ray Radiography
  • Certifications (Facility): State; Military / DOD; A2LA; ISO 17025; NVLAP; NADCAP
  • Company Information: Element scientists, engineers, and technicians test each sample efficiently and accurately, using agency and client-approved methods. Clients gain essential information that adds value to all phases of their product's lifecycle.
  • Capabilities: Chemical Testing Services; Deformulation or Reverse Engineering; Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Failure Analysis; Field Sampling; Geotechnical; Monitoring; Quality / Purity; Reactivity; Standards/Certification; Sunlight Exposure or Solar Simulation; Experimental Mechanics
Oneida Research Services, Inc.
from Oneida Research Services, Inc.

Locations in New York, USA and Nice, France [See More]

  • Test Methods: SAM; AES; Chromatography; Hermeticity Testing; ICP; Infrared Spectroscopy; Mass Spec / RGA; Mechanical Testing; Metallography/Microscopy; NDT; SEM; Trace Element Detection; X-ray Radiography
  • Certifications (Facility): Military / DOD
  • Company Information: ORS offers a variety of analytical techniques to maintain and improve the quality of aerospace, automotive, telecom, medical and defense electronic components. Analytical services include IVA/RGA, FTIR, GC/MS, C-SAM, FeSEM, SEM/EDS, Auger, X-ray, ICP/MS.
  • Capabilities: Assays / Quantitative; Cleanliness / Cleanroom; Environmental Exposure (Climatics); Failure Analysis; Field Sampling; Quality / Purity; Standards/Certification
RNDT, Inc.
from RNDT, Inc.

RNDT, Inc. is a Nadcap & ISO 17025 accredited commercial nondestructive testing & research laboratory located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that specialize in all NDT applications and techniques. In 2002, they renovated the interior of their Johnstown facility and updated their equipment with... [See More]

  • Test Methods: SAM; NDT; X-ray Radiography
  • Certifications (Facility): AAR; Military / DOD; ISO 17025; NADCAP
  • Company Information: RNDT, Inc. is a NADCAP & ISO-17025 commercial testing and research lab that specializes in difficult NDT applications and techniques. Their competitive rates and expertise have enticed many companies to explore and utilize the services they offer.
  • Materials: Ceramics; Composites; Metals; Plastics; Welds/Joints; Castings; Forgings