Transmission Diffraction Gratings

LINOS Gratings
from Excelitas Technologies Corp.

Originating from our rich Qioptiq optical heritage, Excelitas offers LINOS Ruled, Holographic and Transmission Gratings to cover the UV/VIS/IR spectrum. [See More]

  • Grating Design: Transmission
  • Wavelength Range: Ultraviolet; Visible; Infrared
  • Grating Type: Ruled; Holographic
Transmission Gratings
from Thorlabs, Inc.

At Thorlabs, we constantly reinforce our desire to serve at the pleasure of our customers. From this comes our desire to be connected to our industry in a way that far exceeds what would typically be expected of a vendor. Thorlabs lives this core principle by seeking to enhance, at every turn, the... [See More]

  • Grating Design: Transmission
  • Groove Frequency: 300 to 1200
  • Wavelength Range: Ultraviolet (optional feature); Visible (optional feature); Infrared (optional feature)
  • Blaze Angle: 8.6 to 36.9
Transmission Gratings -- NIR
from Qioptiq

Transmission gratings enable simple and compact optical designs, eg. spectrographs and for small detector arrays. Optimized for use in NIR. Polarization insensitive. Diffraction efficiency comparable with reflection gratings for the corresponding spectral range. Substrate: Schott B270. Dimensional... [See More]

  • Grating Design: Transmission
  • Groove Frequency: 300
  • Wavelength Range: Infrared
  • Blaze Angle: 31.7