Manual Controls Oil in Water Monitors

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Benchtop ppm Oil-in-Water -- FluoroCheck II
from Arjay Engineering

The FluoroCheck II is a benchtop and transportable unit for discrete sample measurements of ppm hydrocarbons in water. Direct water samples for screening or an EPA approved hexane oil extraction method may be used. Benchtop and field monitoring of petroleum oils in: wastewater and groundwater. [See More]

  • User Controls: Manual Operation; Digital Front Panel
  • Display Type: Analog (optional feature); Digital; Video
  • Oil in Water Monitor: 0 to 500
  • Interface Options: Parallel
Oil in Water Analyzer -- 204-O
from Analytical Systems Int’l. Keco

The principle of operation requires a consistent free flowing liquid sample into a Sample Transfer Stripper unit that separates the liquids from the VOCs in the oil. A hydrocarbon free, consistently flowing air carrier then sweeps the VOC components from the oil in a gaseous form into the solid... [See More]

  • User Controls: Manual Operation
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Process Temp: 41 to 122
  • Electrical Output: Analog Current; Switch / Alarm