Computer Interface Oil in Water Monitors

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On-Line THC/Oil In Water Analyzer
from TOC Systems, Inc.

Star Instruments, Inc. uniquely offers all methods of hydrocarbon and oil in water analyses. Traditional methods include UV (Ultra-Violet) Absorbance, NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) Absorbance and Oxidation/NDIR CO2 Detection. Recently, the addition of ASTM Method D7066-04, using... [See More]

  • User Controls: Computer Interface
  • Software Support: PC
  • Display Type: Video
  • Features and Functionality: Built-in or Self Calibration
In Line Analyzer -- OIW-EX P Series
from Advanced Sensors Ltd.

Following in the success of our OIW-EX Series of Side Stream Analyzers the OIW-EX P Series of In Line Analyzers boasts the same rich feature set and maintenance free operation. The OIW-EX P series of oil in water analyzers are designed to operate in hazardous environments and provide consistent,... [See More]

  • User Controls: Digital Front Panel; Computer Interface
  • Process Temp: ? to 212
  • Oil in Water Monitor: 0 to 3000
  • Display Type: Digital; Video
Continuous Monitoring System -- CMS-4000
from MO2 Inc.

The CMS-4000 Continuous Monitoring System measures hydrocarbons in water streams. It controls up to 4 DHPs and can be used to re-direct flow and can be remotely accessed and controlled. Typical monitoring applications for the CMS-4000 include: Oil field produced water, separation vessel effluent,... [See More]

  • User Controls: Computer Interface
  • Display Type: None
  • Oil in Water Monitor: 0 to 2000
  • Software Support: PC