Corrosion Resistant Cooling Towers

ST Series Cooling Tower
from DME Company

Design Features: The non-rusting FRP casing and basin, circular in shape eliminates special installation requirements. Prevailing wind directions will not affect tower performance. Lightweight and compact, this cooling tower provides quick and easy installation. Job site assembly is simplified by... [See More]

  • Features & Options: Corrosion Resistant; Ladder
  • Design: Cross Flow
  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Construction: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer; Polyvinyl Chloride
Dual Cell Cooling Tower -- BT-29624
from BERG Chilling Systems, Inc.

Dual cell, uv-inhibitor in gel-coat to protect the fiberglass [See More]

  • Features & Options: Corrosion Resistant; Sealed Bearings (optional feature); Portable
  • Construction: Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer
  • Type: Induced Draft
  • Motor Power: 7.5