Water Softening Ion Exchange Equipment

Water Softener
from Cleaver-Brooks

Removing hardness also reduces the need for expensive chemical treatment to control scale. Cleaver-Brooks water softeners are available in package design for virtually any commercial or industrial application. A water softener is recommended whenever raw hardness exceeds 1 ppm. Water softeners are... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
  • Operating Flow Rates: 2 to 450
  • Market: Industrial
  • Peak Flow Rate: 450
Water Softener System -- DI-SEP®
from Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Smith & Loveless ’s DI-SEP ® Ion Exchange systems remove dissolved calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), which are largely responsible for the scale formation tendencies in most waters. The DI-SEP ® Ion Exchange Systems are also used for the removal of nitrates, radon and silica. The... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening; Nitrate Removal
  • Market: Medical / Food; Industrial
1 1/2 in. Commercial Water Softeners -- CWS150
from Watts

Watts CWS150 water softening systems are highly efficient cation exchange type water softeners. They are suitable for commercial applications ranging from 40,000 to 300,000 grains of hardness removal and flow rates up to 68 (257 lpm) gallons per minute. Regeneration is meter demand initiated. All... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
  • Market: Medical / Food
CSM™ Softener
from Culligan International Company- Commercial & Industrial Division

The CSM series is easy to install and service with side-mounted control valve. The CSM is ideal for medium industrial processes requiring a continuous flow of 259** gallons per minute. The total hardness removal capacity is up to 900k grains per tank. [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
1500 Metered Hot Water Softener-8x17 Tank -- 390M
from Enting Water Conditioning, Inc.

1500 Metered Hot Water Softener-8x17 Tank [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
Lime Softeners
from Graver Water Systems, LLC

Softening can be achieved by adding lime in the form of limewater, Ca(OH)2, which, in a carbonatation reaction with CO2, forms calcium carbonate precipitate, reacts next with multivalent cations to remove carbonate hardness, then reacts with anions to replace the non-carbonate hardness due to... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
  • Market: Industrial
Water Softener Pretreatment Systems -- TAFS Series
from Mar Cor Purification

The Biolab TAFS Series 1 ” Water Softening Systems are designed to remove calcium and magnesium ions from incoming water and replace them with soft sodium ions. Our complete system series features the Performa ™ Softener Valve with standard controller for simple operation and efficient... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
  • Operating Flow Rates: 1 to 25
  • Market: Medical / Food; Industrial
Water softeners and filters
from ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.

Water is in permanent circulation in Nature. Soft rainwater passes through the surface, gets in contact with stones, natural and artificial materials. During this interaction different suspended and dissolved particles, organic and inorganic compounds get into water. These pollutants can generate... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
Lab Water Pre-Treatment -- 615DI003
from Sartorius Group

arium ® 615DI Deionization Cartridges. Water Pre-treatment Systems. The arium ® 615DI deionization cartridges are designed to produce highly deionized water. These cartridges contain highly effective ion exchange resins to remove cations and anions from water by exchanging H+ and OH –. [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening
  • Peak Flow Rate: 0.1761
  • Market: Medical / Food
  • Resin Tank Volume (Total): 222
Commercial Hard Water Treatment System -- CM Series
from Scalewatcher North America, Inc.

Main voltage:110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Energy consumption: 0.013 kWh. Main cable: Three meter (10 ft) with molded mains plug. Overload protection: Internal fuse. Signal cable: One core and enough length to make the coil. Controls: "Power On", "Cable connected" and Failure LEDs. Electrical Standard:... [See More]

  • Removal Application: Water Softening; Ultra Pure Water