Specialty / Other Semiconductor Foundry Services

Professional Modeling Service
from Primarius Technologies Co., Ltd.

ProPlus provides the most advanced SPICE modeling service for leading foundries and fabless companies. Its professional service team, located in the US and China has served hundred of customers in the past 20 years, offering SPICE modeling and validation services, consultation and training and more. [See More]

  • Company Information: ProPlus Design Solutions, Inc., sells Electronic Design Automation (EDA) solutions and provides technical support with the mission to enhance the link between design and manufacturing. The products range from advanced SPICE modeling platform and low frequency noise characterization system for semiconductor process technology development, to fast circuit simulation solutions, including SPICE, GigaSPICE, FastSPICE, for memory, analog/mixed-signal and other large scale design application
  • Device Type: Passive; Baseband and RF modeling for MOSFET, SOI, FinFET, HV/LDMOS, TFT, BJT/HBT, passive devices, etc.
  • Services: Design; ProPlus also provides device characterization and data analysis services
  • Applications: Wireless
Microelectronics Design and Fabrication Services
from Ultra Energy

We offer a wide range of proven production techniques and processes in the microelectronics and allied fields, supported by an innovative design team. Some examples of our capabilities are listed below. Hybrid design. Thick film hybrids. Mixed technology hybrids. Power electronics. Sensor... [See More]

  • Company Information:

    Ultra Electronics, Energy is a global engineering and design manufacture leader with just over six decades of experience designing for heavily regulated markets, such as nuclear, aerospace, oil and gas, and more. We develop sensors, instrumentation and control, and PCB electronics for harsh environments and mission critical applications when safety and reliability matter.

  • Applications: High Rel; Fiber Optics; Medical; Oil and Gas, Scientific Instrumentation
  • Services: Design; Prototyping
  • Location: Locations in Texas and United Kingdom.