Integral Control Panel Humidifiers (industrial) Datasheets

Humex -- 9081-00
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Humidifies process gases (such as air or nitrogen) to produce precisely controlled moisture levels between ambient and 100%RH in a processing chamber. Includes humidity sensor and automated controller with %RH display for continuous humidity monitoring. Can be used with a Dryex ™ or Nitrogen... [See More]

  • Features: Integral Control Panel
  • Primary Voltage: 110 to 220
  • Placement: In Duct; Glovebox accessory
  • General Technology: Electric
Area-Type Humidifier -- 1"
from DRI-STEEM Corporation

The Area-type Steam Injection humidifier is designed for open spaces such as warehouses and manufacturing spaces that do not have duct systems. Steam from the humidifier is quietly dispersed by a fan without introducing water droplets into the air. [See More]

  • Features: Integral Control Panel (optional feature)
  • Capacity: 195 to 276
  • Placement: Free Standing
  • Steam Pressure: 2 to 4
Gas-fired Steam Outdoor -- Model GSTC 500 Outdoor
from Nortec

Designed for quality economical installations, can be configured to use natural gas or propane gas energy. Utilizing a pre-mix, variable speed, blower and a negative pressure gas regulating valve, an ideal fuel air mixture is maintained, providing the highest possible combustion efficiency, at all... [See More]

  • Features: Diagnostics; Integral Control Panel; Linkable Units; Self Contained; Water Skimmer; Remote Fault
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 240
  • Placement: Free Standing
  • Capacity: 25 to 525
Smart Fog® Direct Space Humidifier, ES 100 -- ES100-1
from Smart Fog

Using our fully automated energy efficient ES100 System especially designed for simple installation & low maintenance you ’ll be able to achieve the following without increasing utility bills or compromising safety: Non-Wetting precise humidity control. Elimination of mold, bacteria &... [See More]

  • Features: Integral Control Panel; Self Contained; Water Demineralization (optional feature)
  • Power Demand: 200
  • Placement: In Duct; Wall Mount
  • Steam Pressure: 90