Wall Mount Humidifiers (industrial) Datasheets

Electronic Steam Humidifiers -- EHU-800
from Armstrong International

Armstrong has been producing an EHU series for over 35 years with over six different series upgrades. We can truly say the 800 series is the smartest of them all. The brains of this unit is the 24VAC main PC board with an on board controller. The PC board is connected to the digital display and... [See More]

  • Placement: In Duct; Wall Mount
  • Power Demand: 2300 to 82700
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 600
  • Capacity: 6 to 242
CRUV Humidifier -- CRUV10
from DRI-STEEM Corporation

The compact CRUV mounts inside a packaged HVAC unit and is compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. The cleanable stainless steel tank makes the CRUV cost effective and easy to service. More efficient than infrared, CRUV is the humidification choice for... [See More]

  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Power Demand: 10000
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 600
  • Capacity: 30
Humidifiers for Warm Air Heating Systems
from Emerson Climate Technologies

An Excellent Choice for Warm Air Heating Systems. FEATURES. • Designed to fit today ’s narrower plenums – as narrow as 10 ” (HFT2100) or 14 ” (HFT2700). • Reversible side panels with unique snap-lock fittings permit easy-change left-side. or right-side bypass... [See More]

  • Placement: Wall Mount
from Nortec

Wall mounted water and compressed air nozzle system, features, automatic self-cleaning operation, suitable for all water types, easy installation [See More]

  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Power Demand: 20
  • Primary Voltage: 110 to 120
  • Capacity: 14 to 28
Large Scale Humidifier Unit -- MS100
from Smart Fog

For larger applications or humidity needs, we present the MS100. This model was engineered for complex, large-scale humidity control applications, such as dust suppression and Greenhouse/Nursery Operations over 10,000 sq feet. Utilizing our unique double cooling technology that combines evaporative... [See More]

  • Placement: Ceiling Mount; Free Standing; In Duct; Portable; Wall Mount
  • Control Tolerance: 1
  • Capacity: 13
  • General Technology: Nozzle; De-correlation & Airnet
DRH Series STULZ Direct Room Ultrasonic Humidifier
from Stulz Air Technology Systems, Inc.

STULZ-ATS Direct Room Ultrasonic Humidifier (DRH), designed for stand-alone room applications. DRH humidifiers are typically mounted on the perimeter wall serving mission critical applications and any environment where tight humidity control is required. [See More]

  • Placement: Free Standing; Wall Mount; Shelf Mount
  • Capacity: 4.4 to 17.6
  • Power Demand: 145 to 565
  • General Technology: Ultrasonic
Residential Humidifiers
from Trane Company

Temperature is just one factor in total home comfort, especially in dry weather. A Trane humidifier provides the right amount of moisture in every room, and can help alleviate allergy symptoms. Total home power humidifier. Homes up to 4,200 sq. ft. Up to 18 gallons/day output [See More]

  • Placement: Wall Mount
from United Refrigeration, Inc.

Excellent choice for heat pumps or high efficiency heating systems. Thermal fan interlock control allows unit to humidify air without furnace heat. One-piece service drain petcock makes cleaning easy. F models include Skuttle automatic flushing timer and chlorine removal filter. Thermal fan... [See More]

  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Primary Voltage: 115