Electric Steam Humidifiers (industrial) Datasheets

Electric Steam Humidification Generator -- HU
from Sussman Electric Boilers

The Sussman HU Series Steam humidification line of generators has been designed to provide atmospheric, low pressure (under 15 psig) and high pressure (over 15 psig) steam for a multitude of humidification and HVAC requirements. High quality steam is efficiently and quietly generated with minimal... [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Capacity: 36 to 542
  • Placement: Free Standing
  • Steam Pressure: 0.0 to 12
Humex -- 9081-00
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Humidifies process gases (such as air or nitrogen) to produce precisely controlled moisture levels between ambient and 100%RH in a processing chamber. Includes humidity sensor and automated controller with %RH display for continuous humidity monitoring. Can be used with a Dryex ™ or Nitrogen... [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Primary Voltage: 110 to 220
  • Placement: In Duct; Glovebox accessory
  • Features: Integral Control Panel
Electronic Steam Humidifiers -- EHU-800
from Armstrong International

Armstrong has been producing an EHU series for over 35 years with over six different series upgrades. We can truly say the 800 series is the smartest of them all. The brains of this unit is the 24VAC main PC board with an on board controller. The PC board is connected to the digital display and... [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 600
  • Placement: In Duct; Wall Mount
  • Power Demand: 2300 to 82700
CRUV Humidifier -- CRUV10
from DRI-STEEM Corporation

The compact CRUV mounts inside a packaged HVAC unit and is compatible with all water types: tap, softened, deionized, and reverse osmosis. The cleanable stainless steel tank makes the CRUV cost effective and easy to service. More efficient than infrared, CRUV is the humidification choice for... [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Primary Voltage: 208 to 600
  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Power Demand: 10000
Modular Blower Pack Series -- NH Large BOBP
from Nortec

Integrated in-space distribution system for electrode steam units [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Primary Voltage: 110 to 600
  • Placement: Wall Mount
  • Capacity: 50 to 100
1,500-3,000 CFM Horizontal Conditioner -- Series 9330
from Parameter Generation & Control, Inc.

AN UNSURPASSED RH CONTROL OF ±0.5%. Parameter Generation and Control manufactures relative humidity / temperature conditioners for rooms provided by Parameter and existing rooms or enclosures. These systems are designed to provide precise temperature and humidity control. Parameter... [See More]

  • General Technology: Electric
  • Control Tolerance: 0.5000
  • Placement: Free Standing