Inlet Silencer Silencers and Mufflers (Industrial) Datasheets

AudioSeal™ Pipe and Duct Wrap -- AB10LAGQFA3LF
from Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

AudioSeal ™ Pipe and Duct Wrap is an insulation composite material featuring a flexible one pound per square foot reinforced foil-faced faced loaded vinyl noise barrier bonded to a 1" thick quilted fiberglass sound absorber. It is typically used to wrap noisy pipes and ducts to block the noise... [See More]

  • Port: Inlet; Exhaust
  • Inlet: End
  • Type / Application: Other; Pipe & Duct Silencer
  • Outlet: End
Rectangular Elbow Silencer -- ELBLP
from Ruskin Company

Ruskin Sound Control Elbow Silencers feature: Compact Design. Excellent broadband performance. Wide variety of configurations. Acoustically transparent perforated liner. Acoustical grade fibrous media. Characteristics: Acoustical attenuation across all eight octave bands. Can be stacked to allow for... [See More]

  • Port: Inlet; Exhaust
  • Inlet: End
  • Type / Application: Blower / Fan; Other; HVAC; Air Handling Units
  • Outlet: End
Combined Cycle (HRSG) Noise Controls
from Sound Technologies

Sound Technologies has designed, engineered and supplied complete and partial noise control systems including the following components for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Applications. [See More]

  • Port: Inlet (optional feature); Exhaust (optional feature)
  • Special: Filter (optional feature); Custom
  • Type / Application: Vent / Blowdown; Turbine; Chimney; Blower / Fan
  • Inlet: End (optional feature); Side (optional feature)