Surface Mount (SMD) Pressure Sensor Chips Datasheets

DLV Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor -- DLV-005D
from All Sensors Corp.

The DLV Series Mini Digital Output Pressure Sensor is based on the already popular DLVR series pressure sensors. This series offers excellent perfromance over middle pressure ranges of 5 PSI to 60 PSI compared to the DLVR low pressure range products. The supply voltage options ease integration of... [See More]

  • Package / Mounting: Plugin (optional feature); Surface Mount (SMD) (optional feature)
  • Compensated: Compensated
  • Applications: Medical; Environmental Control, HVAC
  • Pressure Type: Differential
BP Series
from Merit Sensor Systems

The BP Series is ideal for high-volume, disposable. medical applications and is compliant with the AAMI. BP22 specification for blood pressure monitoring. FEATURES. Range. -30 to 300 mmHg (-.58 to 5.8 pso; 40 to 400 mbar;. 4 to 40 KPa). Also available in higher pressures. Type. Gage. Media. Air,... [See More]

  • Package / Mounting: Bare Die; Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Pressure Type: Gauge
  • Applications: Medical
  • Packing Method: Bulk; Gel optional, Singulated and Snapstrate
Absolute Pre-amplified Sensing Element -- XFAM Series
from Servoflo Corporation

XFAM Absolute, Surface Mount or DIP, Calibrated Voltage Output, High Pressure. Features: Absolute pressure. Linear, repeatable, reliable, competitively priced, small package sizes. High level output signal saves space and adds reliability. Operational amplifiers and temperature compensation... [See More]

  • Package / Mounting: Surface Mount (SMD)
  • Compensated: Compensated
  • Applications: Medical; Industrial
  • Pressure Type: Absolute