Semi-finished Shape / Mill Stock Lead, Tin, and Low Melting Alloys Datasheets

Gallium Metal
from Indium Corporation

Gallium is a by-product of aluminum extracted during the processing of bauxite into alumina. It can also occasionally be found in Zn ore. We are a refiner and supplier of gallium materials. Indium Corporation supplies gallium: in the form of shot and ingot, in the form of sputtering targets, after... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Ingot or Billet; Ball Shot; Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes
  • Applications: Semiconducting Applications
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty; Gallium
Casting Alloys
from Mars Metal Company

Mars Metal Company, Specialty Casting Division supplies casting alloys in bar and ingot form, including leaded, lead free and silver bearing. We carry over 25 standard casting alloys in various types. We are happy to provide you with any custom alloy requirements and will set up a stock and release... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Bar Stock; Ingot or Billet; Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes
  • Specialty / Other Types: Specialty
  • Nonferrous: Lead
  • Specifications: ICI, ASTM, or Other Casting Grade
Low Melting (Fusible) Alloys -- 2405 - CAST
from Belmont Metals, Inc.

Low Melting (Fusible) Alloys. Featuring 158 °F, 203 °F radiation shielding alloys, pipe bending alloys, and low temperature solders. Eutectic: melting points from 117 ° – 281 °F.Non-eutectic: melting points from 107 ° – 338 °F.Mellottes metal, Rose metal, Wood... [See More]

  • Shape / Form: Bar Stock (optional feature); Ingot or Billet (optional feature); Wire (optional feature); Cake, Shot, Stick and Custom Shapes; Strip (optional feature); Semi-finished, Mill Stock or Near Net Shapes (optional feature)
  • Specialty / Other Types: FusibleAlloy
  • Nonferrous: Bismuth
  • UTS: 8000