Manual Sealing Machines Datasheets

AccuSeal 5300 & 5400 -- 4049-81
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Absolute process control for validation in a tabletop impulse sealer. Ideal for medical pouch sealing. Produces a durable 3/8" (10 mm) wide seal. Portable, light-weight design takes up little bench top space. The 5400 features a built-in air compressor for plug'n seal performance. Model 5300:... [See More]

  • Type: Manual
  • Packaging: Bag
Doboy Portable Continuous Band Sealer -- HS-CII
from Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.

The Doboy HS-CII series plastic bag sealer is a portable hand band sealer machine, which offers exceptional value in product packaging performance. The HS-CII portable band sealer seals unsupported plastic films such as low density poly / LLDPE and HDPE. A plastic bag sealer that delivers a... [See More]

  • Type: Manual
  • Packaging: Bag
Automatic/Manual Impulse Sealers
from DME Company

• Seals polypropylene materials. • Convenient three - time settings. • High efficiency, precise electronic control. • Foot switch for foot operation. • Select 18 ” (600 watt) or 24 ” (800 watt) [See More]

  • Type: Manual (optional feature); Automatic (optional feature)
Extra-Length Sealer -- FIL-1000
from Fuji Impulse America Corp.

Easy Operation. FiL series is an electric/air-cylinder operated extra-length sealer with an easy foot-switch operation. After adjusting the heating and cooling time according to the thickness and kinds of packaging materials, set the pouch to the sealing area. Depress the foot-switch to start... [See More]

  • Type: Manual; SemiAuto (optional feature)
  • Packaging: Bag
210 Series Impulse Bag Sealers -- Model 210-8
from PAC Machinery Group

Ideal for: Shipping departments, offices, mail rooms, retail counter, parts departments, low volume production lines, laboratories, sample rooms, medical centers [See More]

  • Type: Manual
  • Packaging: Bag