Bag / Pouch Sealing Machines Datasheets

Air Operated Table Sealer
from All Packaging Machinery Corporation

Designed for a wide range of applications including candy, paper goods, textiles, bakery, crafts, and many more! Seals and trims bags. Requires compressed air. Models also available with an impulse seal. A spare parts kit is included in the selling price. [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
AccuSeal 5300 & 5400 -- 4049-81
from Terra Universal, Inc.

Absolute process control for validation in a tabletop impulse sealer. Ideal for medical pouch sealing. Produces a durable 3/8" (10 mm) wide seal. Portable, light-weight design takes up little bench top space. The 5400 features a built-in air compressor for plug'n seal performance. Model 5300:... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Manual
Autofulfillment™ SPrint™ System
from Automated Packaging Systems

The Autofulfillment ™ SPrint ™ System is uniquely engineered to bring automation, speed and flexibility to high-volume mail order fulfillment applications. It is designed with advanced integration technology from Accutech Packaging and innovative product engineering from Automated... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Automatic
  • Rate: 15
Doboy High Quality Continuous Band Sealer -- CBS-D
from Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc.

The Doboy CBS-D is a high-quality continuous band sealer intended for multiple packaging shift applications or where package sealing requirements are more demanding. The CBS-D has 15" of heating bar length and provides continuous heat sealing capacity up to 1200"/minute. Other outstanding sealer... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Automatic
Delta Mod-Tech Rotary Converter -- Mod-Tech® Rotary Converter
from Delta ModTech

The rotary die cutting module, commonly referred to as a die station, is the cornerstone of our converting systems. Each rotary die station can be used for die cutting, nipping, laminating, punching, embossing, slitting or sheeting by simply changing the tool roll. [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Automatic
Chamber Vacuum Sealer -- FCB-200
from Fuji Impulse America Corp.

Temperature-controlled impulse chamber vacuum sealer, FCB-200 boasts of very high ultimate vacuum rate at about -100Kpa (10 torr). With the built-in vacuum gauge, a simple button-operation allows the user to adjust the vacuum rate in the range of -50 to -100 Kpa (385 to 10 torr) depending on the... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: SemiAuto
Stainless Steel Bag Sealer -- 1989
from Intertape Polymer Group, Inc.

IPG is a major integrated provider of both carton sealing tape and case taping machinery and dispensers. We are committed to providing timely system solutions and have a wide variety of standard case sealing machinery for quick delivery. Heavy duty construction, dual column design, oversized gear... [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
Foot Sealers -- FCS-12
from Johnson Bag Co., Inc.

Keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing Impulse [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
210 Series Impulse Bag Sealers -- Model 210-8
from PAC Machinery Group

Ideal for: Shipping departments, offices, mail rooms, retail counter, parts departments, low volume production lines, laboratories, sample rooms, medical centers [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag
  • Type: Manual
from Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation

Woven fabric bags, high load capacity [See More]

  • Packaging: Bag; Woven Fabric Block Bottom Bags
  • Type: Automatic
  • Rate: 40