DC Power Alternative Power Generators Datasheets

Photovoltaic Module
from Caterpillar Electric Power

The Cat ® thin film, high-efficiency modules provide a proven performance advantage over conventional crystalline silicon solar modules. Generating more energy than competing modules with the same power rating, the Cat PVT115 module delivers superior performance and reliability to our customers. [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • DC Power Rating (Watts): 115
  • Technology: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems
from RS Components, Ltd.

Rutland Windchargers are without doubt one of the most unique and versatile battery chargers in use throughout the world. The Rutland FM910-4 combines our proven furling tail systemand latest 3 phase generator technology with a new aerodynamically shaped body style. This combination of the... [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • Width: 2.96
  • Technology: Wind Turbines
Flywheel Power Systems
from Beacon Power, LLC

Beacon Power is a pioneer and technology leader in the design, development, and commercial deployment of grid-scale flywheel energy storage. Beacon ’s proprietary designs are at the heart of a cost-effective and durable energy storage device that enables grids to operate more reliably. Our... [See More]

  • Output Options: Three Phase (optional feature); DC (optional feature)
  • AC Power Rating (VA): 70000 to 360000
  • Technology: Power Systems
  • Standard/Certifications: IEEE
Off-grid Solar Systems -- Andes Solar Home System
from Canadian Solar Inc.

Andes. Canadian Solar ‘s innovative and aesthetic Andes Solar Home System is designed to provide an economical source of electricity to homes and communities without access to electricity or where electricity supply is scarce. Power: 30/50 W. Size: 705 * 619 * 350 mm. Weight: 17.3 kg. Product... [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • DC Power Rating (Watts): 30 to 50
  • Technology: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems
  • Height: 2.31
Wind Power Generators DJET Series -- Model DJET-100
from DuraComm Corporation

DJET Series Features: Charge Controller and 360 degree swivel mount included. Rated Power: DJET-100 = 100 Watts / DJET-200 = 200 Watts. Permanent Magnet Generator. Electrical Brake. Variety of Custom Configurations Available. Security and Internet Applications [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • DC Power Rating (Watts): 100
  • Technology: Wind Turbines
  • Height: 2.33
Solar Energy Harvester
from KCF Technologies, Inc.

The Solar Energy Harvester powers wireless sensors on • Outdoor sensor installations for monitoring of bridges, buildings, and structures • Pipeline or other system infrastructures • Industrial wireless sensors where 500 Lux light levels are available [500 Lux is typical for indoor... [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • Technology: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems
SunPower® Oasis® Large Scale Solar Power System
from Sunpower, Inc.

The SunPower Oasis Solar Power Plant. The latest generation of the Oasis power plant dramatically simplifies large-scale solar. We've optimized every component, each seamlessly interoperating with one another to deliver the utmost in quality and reliability, generating 34% more energy density... [See More]

  • Output Options: DC
  • Mounting: Tracking Mount
  • Technology: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Power Systems
  • Standard/Certifications: IEC; UL