Power Source / Station Plastic Welding and Assembly Equipment Datasheets

TRITON™ Control Unit -- TRCU-M1
from Watts

The TRITON Series TRCU-M1 Control Unit is designed to convert 110/120 VAC current to DC current and then create radio frequency (RF) signal. The Control Unit is supplied with a 10' long GFCI-protected power cord and a 25' long coaxial Fuser cable. The Control Unit is designed to provide RF signal to... [See More]

  • Equipment Type: PowerSource / Station; Weld Monitor or Controller
  • Input Current: 2 to 10
  • AC Input Voltage: 115/120V_60Hz; International Power or Voltages - 50 Hz
Generator 20 kHz -- ACU20-2000P-230-B1
from Rinco Ultrasonics USA

Real time operation, graphic display, interfaces for data analysis and parameterization, peripheral software for the eternal logging of the welding data as well as for remote maintenance, simple adaptation to special purpose machines. [See More]

  • Equipment Type: PowerSource / Station
  • AC Input Voltage: 208-230/240V_60Hz
  • Process Capability: Ultrasonic / Linear Friction