Municipal Water Supply Reverse Osmosis Elements and Systems

DOW FILMTEC™ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis 8" Elements -- BW30-400/34
from Dupont Water Solutions

DOW FILMTEC ™ BW30-400/34 Elements are ideal for reverse osmosis plant managers and operators dealing with challenging waters and wastewaters and looking for consistent, high performance, long element life and increased productivity. [See More]

  • Application / Industry: WaterSupply; Waste Water; Industrial Water Demineralization, and Water Reuse
  • Filtration Product: Water
  • Product Form: Element
  • Maximum Pressure: 595
Oceana Reverse Osmosis Systems
from Graver Water Systems, LLC

Graver ’s Oceana Reverse Osmosis Systems are pre-engineered to economically reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) by removing dissolved minerals, particles, and organic impurities. Each reverse osmosis system is specifically customized to the needs of your application and are compact with full... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: WaterSupply
  • Filtration Product: Water
  • Product Form: System
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 20.0 to 450.0
Reverse Osmosis Systems -- Standard and Custom Designed Models
from Bell & Gossett, a xylem brand

Reverse osmosis systems designed to provide high quality water for Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications at low cost. Reverse osmosis systems are designed to provide high purity water under the rigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environments. These are premium quality... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: WaterSupply
  • Flow Rate (Liquids): 0.1 to 1388.9
  • Filtration Product: Water
RO Membrane
from LG Chemical of America Inc.

RO Membranes. LG Chem leads the way in membrane technology. Thin-film membranes are widely used in water treatment processes as a means of removing contaminants and purifying water from a broad range of sources. LG Chem develops and manufactures reverse osmosis (RO) membranes that are widely used in... [See More]

  • Application / Industry: WaterSupply; Waste Water
  • Filtration Product: Water
  • Product Form: Element
  • Filter Medium Material: Polysulfone; Polyamide