Up Electromechanical Counters Datasheets

Preset Counter -- FE304
from Baumer Ltd.

Measuring and processing of quality and quantity-relevant production data are cycles repeating a thousand times at machines and production facilities. By their controllers and process displays Baumer provides the task-matching, practice-oriented equipment. Process displays and tachometers enable... [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count
  • Functions: Arithmetic Functions; Pulse Counter
  • Number of Functions: Single; Multi (optional feature)
  • Reset: Manual
DIN Counters For Panel Mounting -- 1/32 DIN
from CARLO GAVAZZI Automation Components

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of timers for mounting in the back of or for mounting on the front of panels. We offer a number of different housing types with either a SPDT or DPDT relay output. Covering most timing functions (On Delay, Interval, Off Delay, One Shot, Zero Speed,... [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count; Down Count; Bi-directional Counter; Quad
  • Functions: Pulse Counter
  • Number of Functions: Single
  • Reset: Remote
Non-Reset Electromechanical Counter, KE610 Series -- KE610AC120
from Fargo Controls, Inc.

Compact electromechanical counters with various mounting styles ideal for almost all counting applications. These electromechanical counters will not lose their count during power failures or from electrical noise. FEATURES: Low Cost. RoHS Compliant upon request. UL & CSA Approved. Wide Range Of... [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count
  • Functions: Count Totalizer
  • Number of Functions: Single
  • Reset: None
General Purpose Electro-Mechanical Counter
from Specialty Product Technologies

Rugged counters designed for industrial duty applications with die cast cases. The 7443 series are available with AC or DC operation. The 1205 series are AC models and can withstand continuous coil energization without degrading life or performance. [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count
  • Reset: Auto (optional feature)
  • Functions: Count Totalizer
  • Display Type: Wheels/Dial
7-digit Elapsed Time Meter Hours Counter for AC or DC Voltages -- BD-HRM
from Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, Inc.

7 chiffres 99,999. 99 hours. Din rail mount. Low cost. Shock resistant/high reliability. Low power consumption. Easy installation [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count
  • Functions: Counter / Timer Combination; Time Meter / Indicator (Clocks)
  • Number of Functions: Single
  • Reset: None
Multi-Function Multi-Range Timer -- 652-8-2000
from Marsh Bellofram Group of Companies

Five Time Ranges From 0.001 Sec. Replaces Most Electro-Mechanical Timers. Six Single-Cycle and Eight Repeat-Cycle Timing Modes. Easy Programming 7/16" High LCD Display. Sealed Faceplate. Keypad Lockout of Time Setting. Internal Cycle Counter. Data Retention Memory with EEPROM Circuitry. (652-8-2000,... [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count; Down Count; Bi-directional Counter
  • Functions: Preset; Delay Cycle Timer; Delay On Timer; Delay Off Timer; One Shot Timer; Interval Delay Timer
  • Number of Functions: Multi
  • Reset: Manual; Auto
Electromechanical Counter -- 10 Series
from Trumeter Company, Inc.

A 6 figure general purpose, rugged, electromechanical counter, either panel or base mounted, with manual knob reset, key reset, or non-reset. Frame and housing provides rigid support for accurate alignment and trouble-free use. Distinctive numerals enhance visibility under adverse viewing... [See More]

  • Direction: Up Count
  • Reset: Manual
  • Number of Functions: Single
  • Signal Input Type: Voltage