Aerospace / Defense Technical Courses and Programs

40 Hour Digital Radiography Course
from Carestream NDT

This course offers technical and practical training highlighting industrial radiography and the skills needed to move from conventional film radiography to digital imaging. This 40 hour digital radiography course is specifically designed to meet the aerospace industry ’s demanding guidelines... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace / Avionics; NDT
  • Delivery: OnCampus
  • Type: Course
  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Nondestructive Testing (Thermography, Radiography, etc.)
3D Imaging Laser Radar -- SC1103
from SPIE - Education

This course will explain the basic principles of operation and the fundamental theoretical basis of 3D imaging laser radar systems. An analytical approach to evaluation of system performance will be presented. The design and applications of 3D imaging laser radars which employ staring arrays and... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace / Avionics
  • Delivery: OnSite
  • Type: Course
  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Instrument Sensors; Avionics / Radar; Photonics / Optics; Lasers; Electronic Imaging, Signal Processing
On Site Seminars
from Technic, Inc.

On-site Training Customized for your industry. Aerospace. Connectors. Lead Frame. Printed Wiring Board. More... Bring Electroplating Know-How II directly to your facility. Our on-site training program is customized to your specific needs. We can train your employees in the basic principles of... [See More]

  • Industry: Aerospace / Avionics; Electronics
  • Delivery: OnSite
  • Type: Seminar or Conference
  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Semiconductors / Microelectronics (ICs)