Testing / Test Methods Technical Courses and Programs

Online Training -- Cathodic Protection Virtual Training Simulator
from NACE International Training

The Virtual Training Simulator is an interactive way for you to practice your cathodic protection (CP) skills virtually!. This 12 station virtual training program allows you to refresh your CP skills, keep up with current practical techniques and prepare for your CP classes and exams by working... [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Testing / Test Methods; Battery or Energy Products; Corrosion; Power Supply / Mangement; Maintenance / Repair
  • Delivery: Online; Satellite or closed caption video; SelfPaced
  • Type: Course
  • Industry: Materials / Chemicals
Energized Electrical Maintenance with Level I
from IRISS, Inc.

Course Overview. This hands-on lab and classroom training helps you gain the knowledge and experience to safely perform energized electrical inspections with confidence by combining infrared, ultrasonic, and power quality testing technologies to give you the FULL picture. Let our decades of... [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Testing / Test Methods; Consumer Electronics
  • Delivery: OnCampus
  • Type: Certificate; Course
  • Industry: Electronics
Micromeritics Learning Center Course, 3FLEX 3500 PHYSISORPTION
from Micromeritics

Who Should Attend. Technicians, analysts, lab managers, researchers, and anyone needing to operate and/or interpret and understand 3Flex Physisorption results should attend this 3-day course. The course is extremely beneficial to the entry-level operator as well as moderately experienced users... [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Testing / Test Methods
  • Delivery: OnCampus
  • Type: Product Training; Course
Investigation Of Industrial Adsorbents By Gas Flow Methods
from Quantachrome Instruments

Industrial adsorbents such as active carbons, zeolites and silica gels are widely used in adsorptive separation processes on a multi-ton scale. A complete understanding of the complex processes taking place in a fixed bed reactor is the key in order to achieve the best separation performance. [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Testing / Test Methods; Inspection; Ceramics / Glass; Chemistry or Pharmaceutical; ChemEng
  • Delivery: Online
  • Type: Seminar or Conference
  • Industry: Materials / Chemicals