Inspection Technical Courses and Programs

Online Training -- Coating Inspector Program Bridge e-Course
from NACE International Training

In the CIP Bridge eCourse, get specialized training related to coating inspection of bridges. The course focuses on how to inspect surface preparation and coating application of bridges, as well as the role of the inspector in the quality control process. This 8-hour short course includes audio... [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Coatings or Paint; Corrosion; Infrastructure / Bridges & Roadways; Inspection; Maintenance / Repair
  • Delivery: Online; Satellite or closed caption video; SelfPaced
  • Type: Professional Development Hours (PDH)?; Course
  • Industry: Building Materials; Materials / Chemicals
Investigation Of Industrial Adsorbents By Gas Flow Methods
from Quantachrome Instruments

Industrial adsorbents such as active carbons, zeolites and silica gels are widely used in adsorptive separation processes on a multi-ton scale. A complete understanding of the complex processes taking place in a fixed bed reactor is the key in order to achieve the best separation performance. [See More]

  • Technology / Subject Expertise: Testing / Test Methods; Inspection; Ceramics / Glass; Chemistry or Pharmaceutical; ChemEng
  • Delivery: Online
  • Type: Seminar or Conference
  • Industry: Materials / Chemicals