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  • Handbook of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, 2/e > ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEMS
    The temperature sensors and humidity sensors may need up to 12 V dc and 24 V ac as a power source. Most of the valve actuators and damper motors need a power source of 24 V ac.
    MicroCel provides a Base Unit Board with interfaces to a space sensor, four triac outputs (to drive one or two damper actuators ), input/output boards, (C-NAP bus, and 24V ac power source. Various W7620 models support floating electric or proportioning V dc damper actuators for pressure dependent or independent …
    Integral electric-to-pneumatic transducers are furnished when required to drive pneumatic actuators . Outputs: — Digital triac, 24V ac , for modulating damper and modulating valve control (floating control) — Digital relay, spdt contacts — Analog modulating, 0 to 10V dc — Pneumatic modulating, 3 to 15 psi (20 to 105 kPa) — LED drive …
    To prevent reduced operating life of the ML6161B Damper Actuator , do not use it for two-position control. ML6161B: Series 60 floating (spst) ML7161A: Modulating, 2 to 10 V dc or 4 to 20 mA NOTE: Actuators maintain last position when the power or control signal is removed. Input Voltage: 24 V ac +20%, -30%; 50/60 Hz Power Consumption, no power consumption when stopped: ML6161B: 2.1 VA maximum ML7161A: 4.8 VA maximum .
  • 2011 Combined Author Index IEEE Industry Applications Society Publications
    Sept.-Oct. 2011 2250-2256 Dolezel, Ivo, Panek, David, and Ulrych, Bohus, Pulsed actuator with permanent magnet … … 1622-1628 Dong, Dong, see Cvetkovic, Igor, APEC March 2011 1251-1258 Dong, Dong, Luo, Fang, Zhang, Wei, Boroyevich, Dushan, Mattavelli, Paolo, Cvetkovic, Igor, Jiang, Li, and Kong, Pengju, Passive filter topology study of single-phase ac - dc converters for DC nanogrid … … Induction Motors With Axial-Varying Rotor Eccen- tricity; TIA Jan.-Feb. 2011 12- 24 Dorrell, David, see … 3128-3135 Dorrell, David G., see Hsieh, Min-Fu, ECCE Sept. 2011 3278-3284 Dorrell, David G., Shek, Jonathan K. H., Mueller, Markus A., and Hsieh, Min-Fu, Damper windings in induction machines … … E., see Rocha, Anderson V ., IAS Oct. 2011 1 …
  • Experience of Implementing a Distributed Control System for Thermal and Mechanical and Electrical Equipment at the South-West CHP
    The lower (first) level provides data acquisition and gen- eration of controls for actuators . The equipment of the lower and middle levels (controller cabinets, control cabinets with input/output modules, inter- mediate relay cabinets) is energized by a DC voltage of 24 V from two different sources … … are energized by an AC voltage of 220 V … … safety interlocks: — most parameters, except for the position of the chim- ney dampers of the heat …
  • The Physics of Metrology
    V AC 309, 310 AC powered 12 AC voltage, effective 310 AC= DC equivalence 275 acceleration … 347 acoustic gas density meter 223, 224 acoustic impedance 76, 298 acoustic ohm 76 acoustics 271 ACSR cable 123 actuators , linear 354 actuators, pneumatic … … cylinder 208, 354 air damper , toroidal 315 air-fuel … … alcohol hydrometers 233 Alexandria 24 alidade 26, 27 alkalis …
    … handle up to 3 A of continuous current, and will operate 12 V to 60 V motors. As 24 VDC is a common power supply in the control industry, this is deemed adequate for … common in the control industry, but AC voltage does not allow for easy reversibility of motors, so DC is used. The VAV box dampers are controlled with Belimo CM24-3-T [74] actuators .
  • Design and characteristics of two-gimbals micro-gyroscopes fabricated with quasi-LIGA process
    where, Vd and VOis the componentof DC voltage and the maximum of AC voltage respectively, U,, is driving frequency, t is time parameter, A, d, E~ and E is the electrodearea of gimbals,the gap between electrodes, the permittivity of free space … … frequencies w, and 213, with its amplitudes depended on the components of voltage v d and V … 1997 lnternational Conference on Solid-state Sensors and Actuators Chicago, June 16-19, 1997 According to the two dimensional Reynald equation and the boundary conditions, the assumption of similar dimension of length and width of gimbal and the rectangular vane approximation[5], the damper ratio can be calculatedas 24 and 37 in atmospkre for inner gimbal …