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  • High Vacuum Pumps-Image
    High Vacuum Pumps - (106 companies)
    ...molecular flow through the pump. The drive shaft of the disk may operate at speeds from 25,000 to 90,000 rpm. They are often described as "molecular bats." They are also known as axial flow turbines. Turbomolecular pumps can pump into the 10-10 Torr...
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    Centrifugal Pumps - (1148 companies)
    Centrifugal pumps consist of a set of rotating vanes, enclosed within a housing or casing, that are used to impart energy to a fluid through centrifugal force. Centrifugal pumps are dynamic pumps which move fluids through a system using one or more...
  • Water Pumps-Image
    Water Pumps - (846 companies)
    ...submersible water pumps) or by motive type (such as centrifugal, cantilever, or hand water pumps) can be used in water service applications. See the main pumps page for links to pumps classified by motive force. Types. While slurries and the like are best...
  • Hydraulic Pumps-Image
    Hydraulic Pumps - (661 companies)
    Hydraulic pumps deliver high-pressure fluid flow to the pump outlet. Hydraulic pumps are powered by mechanical energy sources to pressurize fluid. Hydraulic pumps are positive displacement pumps which pressurize hydraulic fluid in order to do work...
  • Trash Pumps-Image
    Trash Pumps - (139 companies)
    Trash pumps are designed to pump large amounts of water that contains hard and soft solids such as mud, leaves, twigs, sand, and sludge. Most devices are portable, heavy-duty centrifugal pumps that feature deeper impeller vanes and larger discharge...
    Submersible Pumps - (747 companies) be submersible. These include, but are not limited to: bladder pumps. bilge and ballast pumps. borehole pumps. booster pumps. centrifugal pumps. condensate pumps. dewatering pumps. fountain pumps. grinder pumps. macerator pumps. micro pumps. sampling pumps...
    Cantilever Pumps - (83 companies)
    Cantilever pumps are centrifugal pumps used in sump pump applications. They are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. Many styles including submersible motors. Cantilever pumps are specialized centrifugal pumps utilizing a cantilever...
    Grinder Pumps - (137 companies)
    Grinder pumps are centrifugal pumps equipped with shredding systems to aid in the transport of solids filled media. Grinder pumps are centrifugal pumps equipped with shredding systems to aid in the transport of solids filled media. The cutting...
    Liquid Handling Pumps - (2265 companies)
    ...positive displacement or dynamic (kinetic). However, since most dynamic pumps in industry are centrifugal pumps, the distinction is often between positive displacement and centrifugal. Dynamic (Kinetic). Dynamic pumps, also called kinetic pumps, include all...
    Sewage Pumps - (397 companies)
    ...applications. These rugged, heavy-duty devices are typically made of durable materials such as stainless steel. Agitator pumps deliver kinetic energy to slurry solids surrounding the pump intake, re-suspending them in a fluid state. Centrifugal pumps apply...

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