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Hydraulic pumps are positive displacement pumps which pressurize hydraulic fluid in order to do work. They are powered by mechanical energy sources which apply force directly to a movable volume of liquid. Hydraulic pumps are simple pumps, but are able to achieve some of the highest pressures among pump types.

Hydraulic pumps generally operate on the principle of positive displacement. Positive displacement pumps use expanding and contracting cavities to move fluids. In the case of hydraulic pumps, these cavities apply force directly to a hydraulic fluid, allowing it to exit the pump at high pressures. There are many variations of positive displacement pumps, all of which are described in IEEE GlobalSpec's Pump Types page.

There are a number of specifications to consider when selecting hydraulic pumps. The most important include pressure, flow rate, horsepower, efficiency, and operating temperature. The Pump Flow page on IEEE GlobalSpec provides more information on selecting a pump based on these specifications.Hydraulic pump from Continental Hydraulics


Hydraulic pumps are designed to generate high enough fluid pressures to do work. Applications for hydraulic pumps include construction equipment (e.g. backhoes, forklifts), manufacturing and machining equipment, elevators, and industrial presses.

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