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  • Eurojet develops thrust-vectoring technology for Typhoon powerplant
    European engine manufacturer Eurojet is developing 3D thrust - vectoring nozzle (TVN) technology for its EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon powerplant.
  • RSK bids for Indian requirement as MiG-29OVT makes first show flight
    With regard to advanced developments the experimental MiG-29OVT (deflectable thrust vector ) with 3D -movable engine nozzles was one of the highlights of the MAKS 2005 air show, where it made its first flying appearance.
    No thrust vectoring is indicated as yet, but this may be possible in the future (engine manufacturer Ufa, which produces AL‐31 turbofans, has announced it is working on a ` 3D movable nozzle for single‐engined fighter aircraft').
  • United Technologies Corporation (Solid Propulsion)
    … 181.1 expansion ratio) with EEC; exit dia 750.3 (47.3 expansion ratio) without EEC materials: single-piece integral throat and entrance of 3D carbon-carbon; exit cone/s … … pyrogen head end, three nozzle , UTP1095 propellant Thrust vector control: as Orbus 21 …
  • Shock Waves
    Results of 3D study indicate that the code is valid for predicting the internal performance quantities of a 3D convergent divergent nozzle with annular injection port. Fluidic thrust vectoring of the axisymmetric jet up to 16◦ was accomplished.
  • 28th International Symposium on Shock Waves
    The secondary injection into the supersonic convergent-divergent nozzle has in- crease in complexity due to interactions of the 3D nature of the nozzle jet with transverse secondary injectant. Analytical approach and also analysis of the vec- toring possibilities revealed that mass-flow rates, injectant properties, injection port shape and injection angle are the influencing parameters on the effective thrust vec- toring.
    The dependencies of the axial thrust coefficient, cT = Pxn/Pn id, and the thrust vector angle, ϕn = arctg (Pzn/Pxn) (where Pxn and Pzn are the projections of the nozzle thrust vector Pn onto axes x and z, respectively; and Pn id is the … The discrepancy in the cT coefficients calculated in 2D and 3D problem formulations lies within 0.5% …
  • Thrust shock vector control of an axisymmetric conical supersonic nozzle via secondary transverse gas injection
    In addition, numerical investigation complemented very well experimental data obtained from the pressure trans- ducers and force-balance measurements, and together they demonstrated promising thrust vectoring possibilities for investigated supersonic conical nozzle models. … the previously investigated planar nozzles is depicted in terms of specific properties and 3D physical nature of …
  • Journal of Aircraft > Nozzles for jet-lift V/STOL aircraft.
    … the concepts reviewed, a design similar in principle to that shown in Fig. 3d was selected for … An oblique-joint vectoring nozzle was chosen in preference to other types because 1) The thrust vector remains on a vertical plane during transition.
  • Numerical Simulation of Fusion Plasma Behavior in a Magnetic Nozzle for Laser Fusion Rocket
    In this paper, we examine by using a 3-dimensional ( 3D ) hybrid code how a thrust vector varies in several coil configurations. … and Nakashima simulated fusion plasma behaviors and calculated thrust efficiency for a magnetic nozzle by using 3D …

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