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  • AR Introduces 5000 Watt, 320 To 400 MHz Amplifier
    Model KAW6042 is a Class AB wideband RF power amplifier system that delivers in excess of 5000 watts CW power into a 50-Ohm load over the 320 to 400 MHz frequency range.
  • The SlimSAR: A small, multi-frequency, Synthetic Aperture Radar for UAS operation
    The built in solid-state power amplifier is designed to output 4 Watts continuous peak power for the LFM-CW model and 25 W peak for the pulsed version, sufficient for the current targeted operational altitude of 5000 -8000 feet above ground…
  • Scott High-Fidelity Receivers
    …important elements in such a re- ceiver is the audio amplifier and loud-speaker system … and handle an electrical power out- put of at least 15 to 25 watts with very low distortion … 100 cycles and above 5000 cycles to allow adequate…
  • Molecular Amplification and Generation of Microwaves
    …time bandwidth of about 6 kc; the amplification bandwidth is somewhat smaller, depending on the amplifier gain. .... Assuming a loaded cavity QL = 5000 and unloaded Qo = 10,000, the saturation condition for linear amplification (11) indi- cates that the incidenit signal power must be Pi,c < 10-10 watts .
  • Correspondence
    L =10 cm Ip/l =200 a/cm Z=600 Q T=10-2 second 4/ =6000 volts os = 5000 volts Eo =3.104 joules (output power : 3 106 watts ) Ep =2.104 joules (2 103 joules/cm of axial length) G =50 7 =60 .... Basically, the tube is a class-C amplifier at microwave frequencies so that the output current wave…
  • Perfect Precision in Industrial Micro Machining
    FIGure 3: optical arrangement in a truMicro series 5000 laser. the regenerative ampli- fier is seeded with sub-nanojoule pulses from a polarized, mode-locked fiber laser oscil- lator; the delivery patch cord and collimating optics are visible in the left of .... Green fluorescence of the thin laser disk is visible from the middle of the pump cham- ber, which is capable of supporting hundreds of watts of average laser power .
  • Digital Computer Simulation for Prediction and Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference
    TWOvalues for each of five variables are considered: 1) radio frequency: 300 and 2000 Mc; 2) ground transmitter power : 200 and 5000 watts ;3)airborne. .... receiver noise factor: 1 and 10 db; 4) receiver I F amplifier selectivity:two .
  • Linear Power Amplifier Design
    For example, one of the better medium power triodes for linear amplifier service is the 3X2500A3 which re- quires approximately 0.5-ampere plate current for mini- mum distortion. .... A desirable plate voltage is 5000 volts, which results in a static plate dissipation of 2500 watts which is the maximum plate dissipation rating of the tube.
  • Material Processing With High Power RF-Excited CO2-Lasers
    For 2500 watts 4 discharge sections are excited and for 5000 watts 8 in total. .... The resonator and the RF - power amplifier are both integrated into the 3 meter long laserhead, which sits on top of the gas recirculation and cooling system.
  • Experimental 8-MM Klystron Power Amplifiers
    Summary-Experimental klystron amplifiers , which were used to investigate the cw power obtainable at a wavelength of 8 mm, are described. .... Working at 5000 volts with a beam current of 0.2 a, these tubes produced an output power of 75 watts cw.