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  • High-frequency characterization and modeling of distribution transformers
    These windows will also result, however, in noise or interference generated within or received in one part … of the observed transmission windows are at 100 MHz or more, broadband coronal induced noise or high frequency commercial broadcasts may also be passed onto the low voltage lines and increase the rejection requirements of anti- aliasing filters used prior to power .... The financial support of sponsor DARPA and the technical assistance of Messrs. Rich Archer , Ray England and … [2] M. Gasperi, D. Jensen and D. Rollay, “Method for AC powerline impedance measurement”…
  • Measurement of trans‐epithelial electrical resistance in perfusion: Potential application for in vitro ocular toxicity testing
    …that it is flush with the top of the chamber and does not interfere with the flowing .... An internal fan (3 in., Archer ) is used to circulate the air in the incubator. .... Individual medium lines are used for each of the four chamber halves. .... An alternating current ( AC ) source voltage is sequentially measured (and recorded) and directed to each perfusion chamber … to approximately 650 and 850 mV for a confluent cell layer and a blank filter , re- spectively.
  • siRNA as a molecular tool for use in Aspergillus niger
    RNA interference (RNAi) is used to suppress gene function at the post-transcriptional level in several cell .... S. E. Barnes Á D. B. Archer (&) School of Biology, University of Nottingham, University Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK e-mail: david.archer@nottingham. ac .uk. .... Genes from plants (Qi et al. 2004) and mammalian cell lines (Elbashir et al. 2001) have hitherto .... The resulting mycelium (16 h) was filtered through Miracloth (Calbiochem), washed with 0.6 M MgSO4 Á…
  • Author index
    …reflection and trans- mission of e.m. waves at electron density gradients, 1619 Albrecht, H. J., applying chordal-hop theory to echo-signal delay, 1288 Albomeler, H., radio- interference measuring equip- ment, 2736 … characteristics of ultrasonic delay lines , 1767 Alers, G. A .... E. Colin, optimum matching of symmetrical filters , 3664 Allen, C. C., and W. R. Runyan, ac . .... Spain, 2770 Archard, G. D., fifth-order spherical aberration of magnetic lenses, 1013 Archer , D. H. R…
  • Program
    Sponsored by TC4 Chairs: John Archer , Retired & Philip Keebler, EPRI. .... On Chip Filtering Versus Layout Techniques to Reduce RF Coupled Disturbances. .... Analysis of Radio Interference Due to Corona Along 1000kV AC Transmission Lines .
  • Author index with titles (volume 20)
    …M, Faralli N and Saraniti M: Full-band cellular Monte Carlo simulations of terahertz high electron mobility transistors 384201 Akis R and Ferry D K: Simulations of spin filtering effects in a quantum … amorphous, liquid and crystal line Ge2Sb2Te5: homopolar bonds and/or … Jackson R A: Computer modelling of trivalent metal dopants in lithium niobate 035201 Archer A J, Ionescu … J, Ramanchandran V, Dalal N S, Zhou H D and Wiebe C R: Ac susceptibility and 51 … dimension analysis 474211 Bellucci S and Onorato P: Spin separation driven by quantum interference in ballistic rings…
  • Author Index
    …Abstr.); T-AES 77 Sep 598 (2D01) Hamm, J. R., D. L. Keairns, and D. H. Archer . .... AES 77 Jul 443-444 (2B1lI)Janky, J. M., and J. R. Barewald; Interference control in broadcast … AES 77 Sep 575 (2B06) Kretschmer, Frank F., Jr.; Correlation effects of MTI filters (Corresp.); T-AES … Jul 446 (2B14) La Vergne, R. L., and M. E. Long; A flight line computer loader/test controller … T-AES 77 Mar 221 (2D08) Mueller, W., and W. Densinger; Square wave ac power generation and…
  • A Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos
    Transfer of blastocysts showing necrotic foci in one of the cell lineages (Figure  8�17) [2,3] is … the number of embryos considered for transfer, every effort should be made to filter out the blastocyst … culture media with and without co-culture� Hum Reprod 1998; 14: 774–781� 21� Archer J, Gook DA … various substances presents an attractive option because, in theory, the process does not interfere with structure, affect .... Mag n et- Ac tivate d Cell Sorting Background .
  • Table of contents - technical papers
    Chair: John Archer , Retired Co-Chair: Francesco de Paulis, University of L’Aquila Meet and Greet Authors 8 .... Presentation Chart Abstract–Based on a pair of symmetric quarter-wavelength stubs parallel connected to the slot line , a new low-cost technique for suppressing the common-mode electromagnetic interference (EMI) is proposed for high-speed differential signals crossing slotted ground planes. .... 8:30 am Design and Evaluation of a Novel AC Line Filter “Pentaleads®” having Quasi-Distributed Constant Structure ...........................................................................................
  • Video-Rate Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Using Phased Arrays
    …Rotman lens beamformer, fabricated on a proprietary low-loss flex circuit material, to interfere the receiver signals .... To perform the spectrum decomposition, a tapped time-delay line feeds a variant of an Archer lens, separating frequency bins by comparison of relative phases at fixed time intervals along the tapped time delay. .... 1690 -1(n(AA Ac ))p = sin SA. .... transition, a Dicke-type switch, three cascaded MMIC low-noise amplifiers, a bandpass filter , and an output…