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    Hoists - (889 companies)
    Industrial hoists are lifting and pulling devices that use a cable, rope, or chain to move or lift a load. Hoists are primarily used for vertical lifting, and usually have a feature for ceiling mounting such as a hook or trolley mount. | Gorbel Inc...
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    Hoist Rings - (114 companies)
    Hoist rings are load-centering eyebolts. They are designed to be rigged from the center or the side and may pivot or swivel. Some hoist rings connect directly to webbing, chain, or shackles. Others have a hook-end rather than a standard bail, eye...
    Crane and Hoist Repair Services - (64 companies)
    Crane and hoist repair service companies provide maintenance, repair, and restoration for cranes and hoists. Crane repair and hoist repair services provide maintenance, repair, and restoration for cranes and hoists. Catering engineering solutions...
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    Lifts - (1600 companies)
    Lifts are used to raise and lower material, personnel, vehicles, and workpieces for loading and working positioning.
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    Wheels - (360 companies)
    Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle.
    Mobile Electrification Systems - (61 companies)
    Mobile electrification systems provide power to moving vehicles and equipment such as AGVs, mobile hoists and cranes in automated factory, material handling and other specialized applications. Mobile electrification systems provide power to moving...
    Lifting Slings - (326 companies)
    Lifting slings are material handling accessories for load attachment to lifts, cranes, and hoists. Lifting slings or sling lifts are material handling accessories for load attachment to lifts, cranes, and hoists. They are used in heavy manufacturing...
    Industrial Cranes - (978 companies)
    Industrial cranes raise, shift, and lower loads with a projected, swinging arm or a hoisting apparatus supported on an overhead track. Types. Bench or cart-mounted cranes are designed for small workspaces and one-hand operation. Jib cranes mount...
    Lifting and Rigging Attachments - (626 companies)
    Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist between the hook and the item to be lifted. Items include sling release systems, product specific lifters, clamps and grapples. Lifting and rigging attachments are used on a crane or hoist...
    Drilling Rigs - (148 companies)
    Drilling rigs are machines that creates holes (boreholes) and/or shafts in the ground. They are equipped with deck engines or truck engines, hoists or lifts, compressors, pumps, and pipe-handling equipment. Drilling rigs are machines that create...

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  • U-Ranger
    The sonar is deployed through an automatic remotely controlled hoisting system and provides U-Ranger's command and … U-Ranger has also demonstrated integration into the Archimede harbour-protection system (developed by Selex SI, of …
  • A Bridge between Conceptual Frameworks
    … ships and for the railway which was being built; in 1843, a new hoist was made for … At the end of 1844 the steam frigate Archimede was successfully launched.
  • Arkimedeion, a New Science Centre in Syracuse
    Archimedes recently made headlines with the redis- covery of the so-called ‘‘ Archimedes Codex,’’ a … … and spirals, pi and infinity, levers and ful- crums, screws and cogwheels, pulleys and hoists (Fig. 5).
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  • Proceedings of EUCOMES 08
    … heavy architectural members is considered mainly in terms of the various cranes and hoists based on compound … Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the Earth,” Archimedes is said to …
  • Leonardo da Vinci’s Giant Crossbow
    … hemp 46, 72 Heron (Roman author) 48–50 Heron of Alexandria 85 hinge 95 hoist 106 horn 53 … … di Cristoforo Fini) 102 measurement, exact 124 Measurement of a Circle (treatise by Archimede ) 85 mechanical draughting …
  • Linear generator for direct drive wave energy applications
    Mounting the c-core modules using an engine hoist … M.E.C Damen, F. Gardner and M.G de Susa Prado “ Archimedes wave swing linear …
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  • Archimedes between legend and fact
    … the Syracusia, was constructed under his supervision), and of mechanics (from machines to hoist weights to those … Pappus Alexandrinus: Mathematical Collection, Book 8, D. Jackson (trans.). http:// archimedes …
  • Polish Jubilee industrial exhibition in Moscow
    A hydraulic drive actuates the tilting hoist and the stewing and walking mechanisms. Thus, the " Archimedes " factory (town of Wroclaw) which specializes in the production of air-driven …