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  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Athlon 64 3000+ & Jetway S755MAX
    component package. It's not uncommon to find AMD Athlon XP-based boards at this price, but Athlon 64 boards regularly break $100. The Jetway sports an SiS 755 northbridge and an SiS 9636L southbridge. The S755MAX's box includes a single SATA cable, a driver CD, a SATA driver floppy, a thin users guide
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Athlon 64 3800+ & Tul AX480A-GF
    motherboards on a single processor, we find it s best to use the same drivers whenever possible. This is one situation when driver uniformity wasn t possible, at least not at first. We like to call the AX480A-GF the little motherboard that could. Tul s AX480A-GF motherboard is built around ATI s
  • Computer Power User Article - Clocking Corner
    potential of the card. The PCI Express version is physically manufactured with only 12 pixel pipes, so the BIOS changes won t work. To start, download RivaTuner v15.5 from Once installed, go to the Main tab and click Customize under Target Adapter. Choose the image of the video card to bring
  • Split-second measurements spot "hot " drivers
    Ever since Tiger Woods claimed that some tour pros were using "hot " clubs -- drivers deemed nonconforming by the U. S. Golf Assn. -- there has been growing interest in a quick way to determine if a club is illegal. Ever since Tiger Woods claimed that some tour pros were using "hot " clubs
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Mobos
    graphics, and 85% just don't give a damn. That's where IGPs [integrated graphics processors] end up going --into a lot of low-end machines. " Mercury Research estimates about 60% of today's PCs use integrated graphics parts, and it appears IGPs are on their way to killing off PCI audio and perhaps all
  • Computer Power User Article - Mainstream Mayhem
    it into this roundup with a street price hovering around $199. Connect 3D included a basic assortment of accessories and software with its Radeon X1800 GTO. Along with the card itself, we found a simple getting started guide, a quick installation guide, and a basic driver CD. In addition to these items, Connect 3D

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