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  • Proper Relief Valve Fire Case Evaluation Using Dynamic Simulation Tools Versus API 521 Recommended Practice (.pdf)
    The following slides describe a special case encountered while performing a refinery relief valve evaluation project. A pool fire scenario is near a large bank of stacked horizontal heat exchangers used in a chiller unit.
  • Thermal Shutoff Valves - Then and Now
    With restrictions on space and cost, instrumentation engineers can now simplify their emergency shutoff using the thermally activated, pneumatic shutoff valve right on the pneumatic actuator. When a fire occurs, the FireChek (R) FM-approved shutoff valve on the pneumatic actuator automatically
  • Valve Work During Power Plant Outage
    A large natural gas-fired power plant needed over 100 valves opened, inspected and rebuilt during a scheduled 12-week outage.
  • Household Gas Valve Electric Actuator PMDC Motor
    In order to eliminate the fire safety hazard caused by gas leakage, an intelligent actuator that integrates the functions of gas leakage detection, signal transmission, control of motor start, and automatic closing of gas valve came into being.
  • Emergency Isolation for Pneumatic Actuated Control Valves
    includes the memory-shape alloy FireChek (R) thermal shutoff with Versa's SIL Capable High Flow valve. The FireChek assembly provides a supplementary level of fire safety, while maintaining the original functionality of the specific valve in the process control system.
  • Industry Solutions For The Most Common Solenoid Valve Challenges
    . Solenoid valves can also be used for many types of protection systems such as emergency shutoff systems and fire protection applications. For example, solenoid valves can be used in conjunction with electric fire detectors. Once a fire is detected in a building, an electric current energizes
  • Tank Terminal Demonstrates the Electrically Operated Solution for ESD Valves
    Since the disastrous fire at the Buncefield fuel depot in 2005, much has been done to ensure that such a catastrophic accident should not happen again. Led by COMAH (Competent Authority/Industry Standards Task Group), safeguards have been put in place by the petroleum industry to provide additional
  • | Electronics Industry News for EEs & Engineering Managers
    ) HDTV display, a lighter and thinner rear-projection TV that uses reflective light valve technology. CableLabs copy-protection technology draws fire Hoping to defuse the long-running dispute over copy protection for digital content, the cable industry has submitted the final draft
  • Compact yet perfectly matched ASHRAE Journal, July 2015
    ebm-papst is expanding their line of gas-air ratio control assemblies with the new NRV77 developed for high efficiency gas-fired boilers rated up to 35kW (120,000 BTU/H). The assembly includes a modulating premix ready gas blower, air-gas venturi, and zero-governor gas valve. All three components
  • Interphex Stands Test of Time (and Economy)
    and drainability. Biopharm components meet current sanitary standards and include BPE series fittings, DW series weir-style diaphragm valves and orbital welding systems, and complete engineered solutions and technology advancing products such as TS series fittings and DR series radial diaphragm
  • Maintaining Critical Systems During Capital Improvement Projects
    are surpassing their intended useful lives and the need to upgrade existing systems to support additional processing equipment increases, plant operators are faced with situations where piping, valves, and hydrants are damaged by natural disasters, malevolent acts, accidental damage, or other emergencies. When
  • The 5 Best Industry Applications For Linear And Rotary Solenoids
    and Rotary Solenoids Change Our Lives. 1. Food and Beverage Processing. Solenoid operated linear, and rotary valves are an integral part of the high-speed processing of foods and beverages from "field to fork.". Food and beverage process equipment requires robust components that can work non-stop
  • The History of the Rotary Solenoid
    ?. The rotary solenoid was a war-time invention. It was invented in 1944, with the assistance of an engineer named Earl W. Kerman, as a better way of releasing bombs from aircraft. Previously, linear solenoids were being used, but under the heavy shock and vibration, or when under fire, they had a habit

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