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  • Sensor Chips-Image
    Sensor Chips - (279 companies)
    Description Sensor chips are dies incorporating semiconductor circuit elements that are used to convert changes to some physical parameter to an electrical signal. Like other semiconductors, a sensor chip can be flexible, and can...
  • pH Transmitters-Image
    pH Transmitters - (45 companies)
    ...ion concentration or pH changes, less electrical current flows through the transistor. Consequently, ISFETs are well suited for use in pH sensors and pH transmitters. ISFET silicon chips are more durable and reliable than glass pH electrodes, which...
  • pH Instruments-Image
    pH Instruments - (393 companies)
    ...actually consist of at least two electrodes: a specialized glass electrode as well as a reference electrode. Many meters also include a temperature sensor to provide a temperature signal to the meter. Construction of the main electrode is dependent...
  • Biosensors and Microarrays-Image
    Biosensors and Microarrays - (31 companies)
    Biosensors, microarrays, biochips and lab-on-chip (LOC) products are microscale devices for biological, biochemical and chemical arrays. They consist of microfluidic channels and a biodetector or microsensor arrays. Biosensors, microarrays, biochips...
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    Sensor Interface Chips - (31 companies)
    Sensor interface chips are used as interfaces to sensors and other devices. The input at the interface collects data from the sensor and the output of the interface sends the data to a computer or other suitable device. IC is an acronym...
    Light Sensor Chips - (37 companies)
    Light sensor chips convert light into electrical signals which are then conditioned to produce a desired electrical output. They are sometimes called light-to-frequency chips, light-to-voltage chips, or ambient light sensors. Light sensor chips...
    Temperature Sensor Chips - (72 companies)
    Temperature sensor chips are semiconductor dies or packages that have built-in temperature sensors. Temperature sensor chips are employed in controlling temperatures of various electric and electronic instruments. A temperature sensor chip infers...
    Magnetic Sensor Chips - (48 companies)
    Magnetic sensor chips are semiconductor devices that detect physical quantities using magnetic principles. They are used in mobile communications, attitude sensing and navigation, and the mapping of magnetic fields. Magnetic sensor chips can also...
    Pressure Sensor Chips - (50 companies)
    Pressure sensor chips are die, IC chips or sensing element devices that sense changes in pressure. They can be used as stand-alone devices or can be embedded in ceramic- or plastic-based packages such as surface mount or through-hole chips. Pressure...
    Biometric Sensor Chips - (17 companies)
    Biometric sensors are semiconductors with embedded algorithms that are used in security systems or environments for user authentication. Biometric sensors are semiconductors with embedded algorithms that are used in security systems or environments...

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