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  • Furnaces (industrial)-Image
    Furnaces (industrial) - (450 companies)
    Industrial furnaces are built of several kinds of high temperature (refractory) materials to hold the process material and hold in the heat without breaking down during the several months that they usually run. General specifications...
    Rotary Kellys - (20 companies)
    Rotary kellys are splined or polygonal sections of pipe that mate with the drill string and are driven by the rotary table of a drill rig in order to apply torque to the drill string. Rotary kellys are splined or polygonal sections of pipe that mate...
  • Laboratory Furnaces-Image
    Laboratory Furnaces - (146 companies)
    Information. CR4 Community --Can Microwave Furnaces Be Used to Melt Iron?. CR4 Community --Harmonics Generation in Induction Furnace. CR4 Community --Electric Furnace. Image credit: Cjp24 / CC BY-SA 3.0...
  • Furnace Controllers-Image
    Furnace Controllers - (68 companies)
    Furnace controllers are used to control temperature, heat delivery, and other variables in industrial furnaces. They control the burner flame, air mixture and trim to maintain and optimize furnace performance. Furnace controllers are used to control...
  • Heating Furnaces-Image
    Heating Furnaces - (212 companies)
    Heating furnaces convert gas, oil, electricity or other fuels into heat for distribution within a structure. They are the central heating devices within HVAC systems. Heating furnaces convert gas, oil, electricity, or other fuels into heat...
    Vacuum Furnaces - (101 companies)
    Vacuum furnaces are heat-treating furnaces that use a low atmospheric pressure instead of a protective gas atmosphere. This helps to alleviate surface reactions. In vacuum furnaces the heat-treating process takes place inside an airtight vessel...
    Hot Melt Adhesives - (215 companies)
    Hot melt adhesives are solvent-free chemical compounds that are used to join materials. They can be repeatedly softened by heat and hardened or set by cooling, allowing parts to be removed or repositioned during assembly. Hot melt adhesives...
    Crucibles - (160 companies)
    ...layer contains the melt, which is heated by an arc, plasma, or electron beam. Tongue and groove crucibles are a modular crucible system that consists of a series of interlocking components that stack together to form a furnace lining. Tongue...
    Refractory Shapes - (213 companies)
    ...techniques to degas a melt. Furnace liners are modular refractory shapes consisting of a series of interlocking components that fit or stack together to form a protective furnace lining. Induction furnaces often utilize a modular furnace lining system...
    Igniters - (81 companies)
    Igniters are used to deliver ignition solutions to boilers, furnaces, burners, dryers, and other heat sources. Types of Igniters. There are several types of igniters. Examples include furnace igniters, forced heater igniters, igniters for pellet...

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  • Influence of Particle Size on Nonisothermal Crystallization in a Lithium Disilicate Glass
    The reagents and the batch synthesis conditions, such as the crucible, melting and remelting temperatures, and the corre- sponding times used to prepare the model lithium disilicate glass (Li2OÁ2SiO2–LS2) were described by Everton and Cabral.19 Then, the samples were heat treated in the HSM furnace with the following schedule: (i) room tempera … … better understand this opposite behavior, one must keep in mind that, as demonstrated by Weinberg20 and Kel - .
  • Microstructural evolution in TiNi alloys during partial melting
    … 1c are of quenched structures after speci- mens were introduced cold into the furnace at 1523 K … Sung and Kim Microstructural evolution in TiNi alloys during partial melting … it can be confirmed that the microstructure evolution of TiNi alloy during partial remelting is a correlated … T. Duerig, A. Pelton and D. Sto¨ kel : Mater.
  • Polymer Blends Handbook
    ASTM E136-99 for behavior of materials in a vertical tube furnace at 705 C Building material … When the specimen shrinks, elongates, melts , etc., additional tests are carried out using test plaques (152 Â … Since a thermosetting resin solidifies upon curing and cannot be remelted or reprocessed, it is necessary to … Keysor-Century Kel -F Elastomer .
  • Materials Handbook
    karrooite 834 karrooite-pseudobrookite series 282 kastanozems 952 Keesom’s forces 1042 Kel -F® 709 kennedyite 807 kernite … … 198, 570 azide 1015, 1016 bullion 200, 201 chemical 198, 570 conventional blast furnace process 200 copper … … low density polyethylene 702 low explosives 1015 low heating value 1002, 1063 low melting point 209 low … vacuum permitivity 519 vacuum bagging and autoclave curing 1031 vacuum-arc remelting (VAR) 294, 297, 304 vacuum …
  • Kent and Riegel’s Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology
    Melting or remelting solid sulfur that has been transported by vessel requires proper knowledge and equipment. In 1890 Gill built a multi-chamber fur- nace to improve the process's production rate and efficiency. The most recent commercially practiced approach of this type, the Kel -Chlor process," used nitric acid …
  • Springer Handbook of Electronic and Photonic Materials
    Hultgren, R. L. Orr, P. D. Anderson, K. K. Kel - ley: Selected Values of Thermodynamic Properties of … … necessary to subject the films to temperatures of up to 1000 ◦C in a moving belt furnace . … belt then travels through a number of heating stages, which causes the solder cream to melt (reflow). Subsequent reflows, at eutectic Sn–Pb processing temperatures, will not remelt thecomposite-alloy flip-chip joint.
  • Glastechnische manufacture errors
    Kelen , T.; gauze fingers, H. 0.: mechanism of the chemical resolution of nitrogen in glass melts . Jebsen-Marwedel, H.: influence of the furnace atmosphere on glass and melt. … and also only then in satisfactory manner, when either intensively stirred or often remelted becomes [13-16].
  • Processing and Fabrication of Advanced Materials VI
    … cracks in laser remelted coating; a). as-sprayed coating; b).coating during laser remelting ; c). coating before … .r> Narrow melting … The carbon fibers removed from the coating solution were heated in an electric furnace (KB- 1701, Advantek … … a bl e I P ower d e h arcactenstics 0 f tungsten, . kel and Iron i .
  • Handbook of Industrial Chemistry and Biotechnology
    … operation, the molten glass, pro- duced either directly from raw materials or by remelting of marbles, is … Fig. 12.28 Flow diagram for manufacture of textile glass fiber: (1) glass batch, (2) batch cans, (3) marble forming, (4) cullet cans, (5) marbles, (6) melting furnaces , (7) filament yarn formation, (8) gathering and sizing, (9) yarn packaging, (10) air jets … … product was produced as a copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) and was called Kel -F.
  • The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology 3rd Edition Complete Document
    However, the Kel -F-82 manufacturer improved the quality of the material through a process change resulting … Polyethylene films must be melted under controlled conditions until the areas to be attached to each other … This provided larger and more efficient furnaces . … associated with recycling aluminum are driving the aluminum energy to increasingly rely upon remelting of aluminum scrap …

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