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IgniterIgniters are used to deliver ignition solutions to boilers, furnaces, burners, dryers, and other heat sources.


There are several types of igniters. Examples include furnace igniters, forced heater igniters, igniters for pellet stove systems, gas igniters, and remote igniters.

  • Furnace igniters create a flame in the system’s start up mode.
  • Forced heater igniters light the fuel burned in a furnace, which releases heat energy to air circulating through it. The hot air is then blown by a fan that is timed to cycle on and off with the furnace.
  • Igniters for pellet stove systems light the fuel. The fuel and air can then be adjusted and set for maximum burn efficiency.
  • Gas igniters are engineered to light all fuels.
  • Remote igniters send a signal to the igniter that then lights the fuel in a furnace.

Other igniters are commonly available.


There are a variety of ways in which igniters function. An igniter uses a tester to measure the ignition voltage during the ignition phase. An igniter generally functions in the 10 kV to 25 kV range to ensure it is working properly. After a few ignition pulses, an igniter tester simulates a flame and then tests the igniter to ensure it stopped the ignition pulse train. Furnace igniters receive a signal when there is a call for heat. Furnace igniters receive an electrical current in order to heat its surface and ignite the burners in the furnace. Forced heater igniters rely on the timing of the fan for efficiency of the furnace, since it prevents the heat from backing up into the unit or from blowing cold air into rooms once the furnace has stopped. Gas igniters are available without the need for refills, batteries, or flints. Igniters for pellet stove systems enable the stove to generate incredible heat with a minimum of fuel because the stove is always burning at maximum efficiency. In addition to the ignition source, the stove requires a feed motor and fan motor, which are factory set to produce the optimum burn.


Igniters are necessary to properly start most furnaces, forced heat systems, and pellet stove systems. It is important that the correct original equipment manufacturer’s igniters be used when replacing igniters as there are many igniters on the market. However, many igniters do not have the correct voltage or warm-up time as the original design.

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