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  • EPMA update
    The database will initially cover PM steels and stainless steels of density è 6·4 g cmÕ 3, powder forged steels , non-ferrous materials and bearing alloys.
  • Lightweight Crankshafts
    Due to the difference in material density alone, a cast ductile iron crankshaft would weigh ∼10% less than a forged steel crankshaft of identical design.
    Although it is thus unsuitable for measuring the harden- ability of porous steels it will most certainly be widely used in the testing of forged PM materials with near solid density .
  • Cutting Tool Engineering: P/M powers auto parts
    Materials Standards for P/F [powder forged ] Steel Parts” explains standard material code designations and defines specific materials according to chemistry and minimum density .
  • Process and tool design for precision forging of geared components
    Within material analysis and heating tests the density γ, heat capacity cp and thermal diffusivity a of the typical used forging steels C45, C60, 16MnCr5, 42CrMo4 and 100Cr6 were analysed.
  • Effect of type of starting material on the structure and properties of hot-forged P/M carbon steels
    creased the density of materials of all compositions, but its maximum values corresponded, as they did after forging , to steels from the atomized iron powder (Fig. 2b, curves 1 and 2).
  • ZASMHBA0000073
    … etallicInclusion Level of Powder Forged (P/F) Steel Parts Sin-faceFinger Oxide Penetration Depth and Presence of Interparticle Oxide Networks in Powder Forged (P/F) Steel Parts Coefficient of Friction … … of Sintered Metal Friction Materials Under Dry Clutch Conditions Density and Interconnected Porosity Density …
  • Preparation and some properties of a lower chromium carbide alloyed with iron
    the effect of type of starting material on the variation of the density , structure, and chemical composition of such steels during their manufacture; the character of structure formation during the forging of materials of various carbon contents, in particular the character of …