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  • Torque Sensors-Image
    Torque Sensors - (200 companies)
    Torque sensors and torque instruments are used to measure torque in a variety of applications. Torque sensors are categorized into two main types, reaction and rotary. Reaction torque sensors measure static and dynamic torque with a stationary...
    Temperature Compensation
    Torque Sensor Type
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    Tilt Sensors - (154 companies)
    They are generally force balance sensors, solid-state MEMS device, or fluid-filled sensor. Each type is described below. Selection Criteria. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch database allows industrial buyers to search for tilt sensors by type of senor, type...
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    Sensor Chips - (296 companies)
    Description. Sensor chips are dies incorporating semiconductor circuit elements that are used to convert changes to some physical parameter to an electrical signal. Like other semiconductors, a sensor chip can be flexible, and can be manufactured...
  • Force and Load Sensors-Image
    Force and Load Sensors - (562 companies)
    Force and load sensors covers electrical sensing devices used to measure tension, compression, and shear forces. How to Select Force and Load Sensors. Image Credit: ABB Measurement Products. Force and load sensors are electrical sensing devices...
  • Load Cells-Image
    Load Cells - (403 companies)
    Load cells are force sensors that often incorporate mechanical packaging to fit into testing and monitoring systems. They can be used for tension, compression, and/or shear measurement, and can be configured to measure force or load along one...
    Gyroscopes - (75 companies)
    ...nearly-frictionless bearings which isolate the central disc from outside torque. When the gyroscope is spun on its axis at high speeds it resists movements in certain directions and demonstrates extraordinary stability of balance as seen in the video below...
    Gears - (647 companies)
    Gears are rotating mechanical devices employing 'teeth' in order to transmit torque between separate axes. Two or more cooperating gears are called a transmission and can produce a mechanical advantage by changing speed, torque or rotation direction...
    Motion Reference Units (MRU) - (15 companies)
    ...of reference or another body. To control this data output, referred to as attitude, MRUs integrate sensors for orientation measurements, as well as actuators for applying torque to position an object to the desired attitude. Algorithms supply...
    Six-axis Force and Torque Sensors - (16 companies)
    Six-axis force and torque sensors measure the full six components of force and torque: vertical, lateral, and longitudinal forces as well as camber, steer, and torque movements. Six-axis force and torque sensors provide electrical outputs as analog...
    Strain Gauges - (123 companies)
    ...elastic sensor whose resistance is a function of applied strain (unit deformation). Many types of strain gauges depend on the electrical resistance to strain. These types include: piezoresistive or semiconductor, carbon-resistive, bonded metallic wire...

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